• Posted on: 22 June 2007
  • By: Brian Gilley

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year, you already know about blog review web sites. In this post I'll list some of the top contextual blog advertising companies with a brief description of what you get from each service. The attraction of blog review web sites from the perspective of a web site owner is contextual one-way links from blogs. You can buy a contextual one-way link to your site starting at around $10 per review from a few of these services, such as the one from Blogsvertise.com. Let us know if we missed a site that should fit in this list. We'll continue to add to this list of blog advertising sites, so bookmark it for future updates. Thanks to Alex (from Merkados Interactive Marketing ) for help with this list.



Blogsvertise.com offers webmasters lots of blog categories to choose from such as travel, web design, and health among others. Blog reviews ordered are fairly easy to control, i.e. it's fairly easy to pick and choose from relevant blogs to review your site versus blogs that may be way off-topic. Advanced controls offer sorting by PageRank, Alexa score, and even number of Yahoo back links! Decent ranked blog reviews start at around $10 each. Good ones run upwards of $20 or more though.

Payperpost.com Blog Reviews


Payperpost.com is the most popular of the blog review web sites online, with a huge network of bloggers who are part of their network. A good quality blog reviews from Payperpost.com will set you back around $30 or more. You don't have any real control to first review the web sites that will review your web site. But they do allow a few goof sorting methods for choosing bloggers and (hopefully) eliminating most junk blogs from writing a review. Other sorting includes industry niche, Alexa score, and PageRank. You can also exclude those free hosted blog platforms like Myspace.com and blogspot.com (which have little to no value in many cases).



ReviewMe.com is perhaps one of the more pricey blog review sites out there. Some reviews can run upwards of $2,500 each - not bad for a 300-500 word write up, heh Shoemoney? Typically, you could expect to pay around $40-80 for a web site review though. ReviewMe lets you search by tag, starred ranking system (their own 1 to 5 star system for ranking the quality of the blog), and price. The effectiveness of ReviewMe blog reviews we;ve purchased would receive 4 out of 5 stars for overall quality. We'd recommend a manual review of each blog you'd consider relevant in the search engines before buying. Determining which one gives the most value is the key picking the right blogger to review your site in ReviewMe.



SponsoredReviews.com is much like ReviewMe.com and allows for advertisers to search by "Total Rank," a score SponsoredReviews.com gives based on several measurements such as PageRank and Alexa score. Other features include a low 35% transaction fee, meaning the blogger gets 65% of the total, so on a $150 blog review the blogger would get $98! This is the lowest transaction fee versus other competitor in the contextual advertising marketplace. Their Hybrid system is also the only one that allows both advertisers and bloggers to search for each other. Their bidding system also allows bloggers and advertisers to negotiate pricing.



Reviews written from Smorty.com bloggers must have a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of about 400 words. Bloggers get paid for the reviews approved by advertisers. The interface for advertisers is really simple to use. All of the available writing opportunities are listed on the panel for you to accept/decline. Something which I found lacking at Smorty was the lack of RSS feeds in the system. From experience with other blog review sites it would be easier for bloggers to keep track of available opportunities via RSS feeds. Many similar services have integrated RSS feeds and this system works well for bloggers. Additional Notes: Payment through Paypal, weekly payments for bloggers, and no minimum payout!



B5media.com seems to be a little more off the beaten path and not really formatted like the other blog review sites listed so far. We have not used b5media yet, so cannot comment on exact pricing or their interface. Their blog network seems to be limited at 200 or so blogs total, but worth inquiring about if you are looking to expand from the more well known sites above.



Reviewback.com is a slightly different approach for bloggers. You can find bloggers that are interested in the same topics and subjects that you are. Using their search features, you can contact and organize reviews with fellow bloggers and copywriters. Registering is free, but I would watch for reciprocation of links. Contextual reciprocation isn't necessarily a bad thing unless done in large numbers between blogs. If mixed well enough within posts and categories, it shouldn't be much of a problem though.



We've used Blogitive.com for several clients over the past few months. The return and pricing was pretty good. Here are some things to consider. The post must have at least 100 words. There must be at least two posts between each sponsored post and these posts must have at least 50 words. Each link will be on it’s own page, with no more than three other links on that page - Each Blog post is usually stored on a unique permanent URL from the rest of the posts of that particular month. Last, each link will be left up indefinitely, guaranteed for up to 1 year.



PayU2Blog pays you a flat rate of $5.00 per completed assignment regardless of your blog’s PR or traffic level. Payments are made every 2 weeks via Paypal and bloggers cannot express a negative opinion regarding the advertiser’s product. From reading reviews of other blog review sites online, PayU2Blog doesn't really provide much information for bloggers or advertisers. It looks like the payout to bloggers along with inefficiencies of their process might be playing a role in their lack of followers.



A fairly new contender, Bloggerwave.com looks to have some catching up to do in comparison to Blogsvertise.com or Payperpost.com. Several other blogs have mentioned making $10 with minimum 50 words in their post from Bloggerwave.com. That's a quick 10 bucks! We have not tried this service out but will test it over the next week, so we'll update on the ease of use and quality of their blogs and interface. Perhaps in the meantime someone over at Bloggerwave will see this and at least update their homepage title tag to something other than "Bloggerwave Default(Home)" - not very descriptive or useful if you ask me...



Perhaps we should've moved Weblogsinc.com up on the list but since this service will likely only cater to those with deep pockets, we decided it doesn't necessarily fit into the same mold as several of the mainstream paid blog review sites. Several of the popular blogs within the Weblogsinc.com network are Engadget, Autoblog, and Joystiq. In order to receive pricing you have to contact a guy named Steve so that he can "tailor a solution that best meets your needs."



If it's monthly recurring fees you're into and a relatively small and oblivious network of sites to choose from, then InBlogAds.com might be for you! I'm not sure why a web site offering contextual links would charge monthly for them when so many of their competitors are offering the one-time fee. Their network of sites seems tiny, at less than around 75 sites in their whole network. My advice to InBlogAds owner(s) would be to change over to a new flat-fee business model like their competitors and use another platform. Theirs was definitely free of useful features.


Woah the list is getting bigger and bigger. I've used the top 4 on the list and they are amazing. The quality of the content written by bloggers using these services are actually quite amazing.

I've been looking for this for a while now. Have tried a couple of them but still wanted a professional review to move forward.


www.linkworth.com also does paid reviews.

I was thinking of creating a similar list, but it looks like you beat me to it. A couple others that I know of are:


Great list Brian.

I noticed an error re:PayPerPost where you said:
"You don't have any real control to first review the web sites that will review your web site."

That isn't correct. PPP offers scale (PPP Marketplace), targeting (PPP Marketplace with segmentation), and individual review/selection (PPP Direct). The best campaigns should probably use a mix of those.

Andy Beard wrote a thorough review of PPP Direct here: http://andybeard.eu/2007/05/payperpost-direct-review.html

That article also corrects an error in your SR blurb above:
"This is the lowest transaction fee versus other competitor in the contextual advertising marketplace."

Actually, PPP Marketplace pricing is better and PPP Direct pricing the best of all.

Keep up the great blogging!

Hi VC Dan, Thanks for the correction. We used a few of these services a while back for some test sites while experimenting with blog reviews, so the correction you made is noted! Best, Brian G.

This comment reflects from one of your newer posts, but it is amazing that DoshDosh took as much information from this article as they did. They even stole the screenshots! Blog piracy is unfortunate, but is embarassing when it is so blatently used.

I'm a member of several of the PTB programs you mentioned in your post, and I agree with your assessment of most of them -- except for PayU2Blog.

I've been posting with PU2B since November '06 and have seen the company make many positive changes since then. While there's probably still not enough info on the website as there could be, at least there's a FAQ section now (which didn't exist before).

Moreover, once you actually get started with the program as a blogger, you can email OR CALL anyone on staff and get immediate attention to your questions. I don't think any of the other companies provide bloggers with a phone number!

As for the pay: yes, it's $5 regardless of traffic or PR, bt I don't have a problem with that. You only have to write 60 words and include one link, and while the posts can't be negative, they don't have to be ringing endorsements either. The assignments are "freeform," which is to say you work the required anchor text into your post anyway you want. You don't have to specifically talk about the client's products, services, or website at all.

And I think you're wrong when you say that PU2B doesn't have a following. I know plenty of fellow bloggers who rave about these guys!

Anyway, I think I've rattled on long enough here. Thanks for letting me have my say!

P.S. I was only able to access your site through a prozy this morning... weird.

I agree with Julie. Payu2blog is the best in the industry and it is beating even my one time favorite blogitive.com in terms of variety of the sponsors.

Nice list, very thorough too

One more free service related to subject launched short time ago


That is not pure paid reviews service but rather community for joining together bloggers looking for monetization and advertisers carrying their campaigns in social media. Bloggers can choose their ways for monetization - paid reviews, sponsored links and ads, blogging for hire, and also donations.

Great list Brian.

Just an update on PayPerPost - the lights are on but no ones at home as far as I can see.

Been trying to validate my email for a couple of weeks now but the validation system is not working for me.

Letters to support are not answered. I am getting a complex ;-)

Are you in contact with them at all?


By far the most comprehensive list of paid blogging services I've seen (and unbiased too!), thanks.

The one other thing I always watch for when using this stuff are network footprints. If the bloggers all need to link back to the aggregator then I think you've likely got something the SE's can whack with a big stick. The root of this I believe is that some of the companies feel that the bloggers need to disclosed paid linking. Result of some US legislation about grass roots marketing I think. Nevertheless, that link back strategy makes me nervous.

I've also heard some concern raised that by allowing bloggers to pick their work (instead of advertisers picking their blogs) that you can end up in a bad neighbourhood in the future, as the bloggers take on any and all tasks they can. That's not something I worry about personally.

well, that is a great list. can we contribute to that ,just saw few more emerging

I like PPP very much. I will continue to pay attention to it.

Thanks for posting this. It's very useful.

Nice I use payperpost but now i am goin to be blogging all day long... Jeeaaa

Blog - O - Holic

thank you so much for this post..am using payperpost right now. buyblogreviews is not working for me and bloggerwave seems unreachable.

Thanks for this post, I did'nt know about these sites before now!

Great list. Very helpful.

This information is great! I've already signed up for a few of those sites but I am going to bookmark this and sign up for more. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for all the comments. We are getting ready to add to this list with some more paid blog review sites that have come into the market. Bookmark or check back next week for more ;-)

thanks for this helpful listing. this really helps rookies like me who are interested to earn money blogging. cheers and more power to you!

but which of these services actually provide 100% dofollow links.

I am not sure with paid review. Looking money from paid review is equal to hurting the rank of your site. This is terrible. Google is kicking those sites all over the Internet, spreading fear around us. Be careful bro..

Though in this fast paced internet traffic, to find an information relevant to ones use is just like searching a needle in the desert. Internet is flooded with the information and blogs are becoming the popular way for interaction. I think above information is quite useful. Good list.

A good list you have provided. I really searching for this kind of lists. Thanks again for your sharing.

I am so glad I stumbled upon your well put together list. I was researching review sites for a new review theme blog I am creating. Thanks to your list, I can earn some money now reviewing as a blogger while implementing my other new blog. Great information!

Hi there,

We are an UK based company and created PayingPost.com, another "paid blogging" network.

We come with a few new features, like:

PayingPost only charges a 20% fee while our competitors may charge 30-35%
Payments every week or every two weeks (depending on blogger's activity)
30 day money back guarantee if advertiser not satisfied.

It would be awesome if you could include our website in your list.

Ronald Jensen.

I am so overwhelmed that you have come across in compiling these review site. I have tried some and will try others. Thanks so much!

This is an awesome list. I've used Pay Per Post, and will be checking out some of the other ones.

wow its a complete list of Paid To Reviews that I can found in here. I have join with some of them and have earning so far.I hope I can make a lot of more earning with that. Thank you for the list and I want join more to make more money hehehe LOL

Excellent....But most not paid. why ?

Where's the the good one? So many, we can not focus. Anyway, it's complete information. Thanks

cool list. I agree that blogsvertise is the best among the rest. You also include blogtoprofit.com. They are also a great blog ad site.

thank for your great list. but I think that it would be better if you put it in sequence from best to worst.


That is not pure paid reviews service but rather community for joining together bloggers looking for monetization and advertisers carrying their campaigns in social media. Bloggers can choose their ways for monetization - paid reviews, sponsored links and ads, blogging for hire, and also donations.

Its a good post and excellent work on making it with images. Also thanks for the review given to the blog sites. Its amazing for us to earn a lot!! This is a good news by conducting survey!!

Great post with good information. Thanks for the post and explanation. We can quickly identify the things you have posted. Please update more!!!

wow....nice post...I am currently using reviewme and blogvertise, I am earning well with them.

does it affect google pagerank?

Wow, extensive list. Right now I'm registered to reviewme and blogsvertise only. Its nice to know that there are more sites that can used for paid reviews. keep on blogging!

Hello, Thank you for providing lot of information regarding blog advertisement and reviews. i believe if we use banner advertisement along with blog advertisement earnings will be tripple.

Yes thank you Brian...i am the one also who follow blogsvertise.com.....so far it's good....but your other paid reviews really help for trying......

Hi everyone, I'm looking to build 100,000 inbound links to my golf website. Does anyone... Hello Richard, Try this company. They do most of what you ask for and then some. They are very good at what they do.

You can try classified ads sites and article sites but try to use SEO and see if you can get these ads and articles to go to the top of a search engine. That way you can get good free traffic.

I am overwhelmed by your list! I never thought my blogs could earn money. All my ad networks pay me a trivial sum that I am yet reach the threshold after six months!
I ll try this today. Thank you so much!

Great list. I've used blogvertise in the past and found there service to be quite useful. I've not heard of many on the list, off to check them out now. Thanks for the info!

This list is a fantastic matter .... I found a few that have since closed or underconstruction, however most are current.... thanks

This is very good information.
I will definitely contact some of them and try it out.
Will let you know how it works.


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