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How To Generate Great Content Ideas

How to Generate Great Content Ideas

You know how important writing relevant, informative, and quality blog content is to your SEO efforts, but sometimes it can be hard to think of new and fresh content ideas. Whether it’s because you feel like you’ve exhausted all the possible avenues for blog topics or you’ve just hit a creative block, we’ve all been there before. Even veterans of the digital marketing space and dedicated content strategists experience this issue. So, what do we do when we’re struggling to come up with great ideas for content? In this blog, we’ll tell you.

Here are some of our favorite strategies for generating great blog content ideas for when inspiration just won’t strike:

Spend Some Time on a Relevant Subreddit

Reddit can be a gold mine for content ideas for topics in practically every industry. The site has well over 50 million daily active users and 430 million monthly active users, and in 2020 more than 300 million posts were posted to the three billion subreddits. Unlike other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, which are more focused on individuals, Reddit is much more of a community-based platform where users can vote on posts and discuss topics. Subreddits are forums dedicated to specific topics. For example, r/entertainment is a subreddit for news and discussions around the entertainment industry, r/technology is dedicated to news and discussions about creating and using technology, r/3dprinting is for people who want to learn about and discuss 3D printing – you get the idea. What’s great about Reddit is that you can find subreddits, and thus content ideas, for virtually anything, no matter how niche of an industry, subject, or interest it is. Posts on all subreddits can be sorted by “hot” so you can see what’s currently popular and trending in a given community.

Use a Blog Ideas Generator

Generating Good Content

HubSpot has an amazing blog idea generator that generates blog titles based on the words you provide. The tool lets you enter in up to five words – it prefers nouns, but adjectives and verbs can work too – and will then come up with over 200 titles and modern SEO tips for each. Plug in words related to a specific topic or industry or keywords you want to target, and the blog titles it generates should give you plenty of inspiration.

Take a Look at the “People Also Ask” Results on Google

The “people also ask” SERP feature on Google is a quick and easy way to see the things users are searching for that you may not have thought of. It’s commonly abbreviated to simply PAA. According to Ahrefs, 43% of search queries have these kinds of boxes on the results page, meaning you should be able to encounter one or two by searching a few of the keywords and keywords and keyword phrases you commonly target. The one downside to the PAA feature is that it doesn’t tell you the search volume of the queries. To find questions people are actually searching, you’ll need to use Ahref’s Keyword Explorer tool.

Talk to Your Sales and Customer Success Teams

Your customer success team and sales team talk to existing customers and prospects daily, and gaining insight from the conversations they are having can help you find out what is pushing people to buy your product or service. Ask them what features customers are most excited about and why, if there’s a common reason why they’re converting. Armed with this knowledge, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a blog topic and accompanying keyword(s) that match the most common pain points. These blogs should drive higher-quality and more intent-driven traffic to your website.

Still struggling to generate blog titles and topics on your own? Maybe you have great content ideas but don’t have the time or expertise to write them yourself. Regardless, the expert digital marketing team at SocialSEO can help! Contact us today to learn more about our content strategy services and the other ways we can boost your digital marketing efforts.

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