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Optimization Tips For Amazon Product Listings

Optimization Tips for Amazon Product Listings

With over 2 million visitors every month and 350 million unique items, Amazon is by far the world’s largest e-commerce platform. It’s even more popular than Google when it comes to shopping, as most commercially oriented queries are entered into an Amazon search, not a Google search. In fact, 49% of consumers say they start on Amazon when digitally shopping for a product, while only 22% start on Google, according to a recent marketing survey.

Regardless of whether you knew these specifics or not, we know you’re probably interested in selling on Amazon because you realize the popularity of the platform and all the opportunities it grants your business. But simply getting your products listed on Amazon is no guarantee of success. There are all those 350 million-plus products you’re competing with, so you need to optimize your product listings to stand out and rank higher in search results. Here, we’ll be going over our tips for your Amazon listing optimization, including every element of your Amazon product listing, from the product’s title to reviews and everything in between.

Product Title

Product titles are arguably the most important part of an Amazon product listing, so it’ll be the longest section we discuss here.

Amazon allows a product title length of up to 200 characters for most categories. With these 200 characters, you want your product title to give consumers all the most important information they need, such as: brand, model, color, size, and quantity. Essentially, put yourself in their shoes and think, “If I was looking for this product, what would I want to know?” Keywords should also be included in product titles, and you need to find a balance between high search volume and relevance when deciding which to use. Regardless of how long your title is or what and how many keywords you include, be sure to capitalize the first letter of every word, use numerals rather than spelling out numbers, and never use all caps, symbols, or the ampersand (&).

Product Image

Amazon allows sellers up to nine images, but we’d advise you to focus more on quality over quantity. Images should be 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high, and for the main image, ensure the product takes up at least 85% of the image and use a plain white background so there’s nothing distracting. You should also include an image of the product being used as intended so consumers can get a good idea of its size.

Key Product Features

Amazon Listing Optimization Tips

Amazon typically gives sellers 5 bullet points to describe the key features of their product, and this section should be used to convince potential customers why your product is better than what your competitors offer. In these bullet points, you’ll want to explain the uses and benefits of your product and help consumers understand how your product might solve their problems or improve their life. Be specific with the product’s features, use a consistent tone, and don’t mention pricing, shipping, or company information because they are prohibited by Amazon.

Product Description

The product description provides sellers with another opportunity to demonstrate why their product is better than what their competitors have to offer. In this section, Amazon grants sellers 2,000 characters. This can be used to elaborate on features and things mentioned in the key product features section, and we recommend putting key information in bolded text and using short sentences so it’s easier for users to understand. Because Amazon prohibits you from mentioning pricing, shipping, and company information in the key product features category, this is a good place to bring those things up.

Product Reviews and Rating

The importance of product reviews on Amazon cannot be understated. They’re one of the most influential aspects of your Amazon product listing for consumers because they provide proof of whether or not your product lives up to the claims you’ve made. Unfortunately, getting great reviews isn’t easy, especially if you’re a new seller. To encourage customers that are satisfied with your product to leave a positive review, you can run campaigns and promotions and use automated services that make requesting reviews less of a hassle. The Amazon Vine Program is also something you should consider.

While there are ways to encourage customers to leave positive reviews, the best way to get four or five-star reviews is to make a quality product that you have accurately described under the key product features and product description category.

This only scratches the surface of optimization tips for your Amazon product listings. If you’re serious about finding success selling on the platform, you need to partner with a digital marketing expert that knows all the ins and outs and secrets to success. If you’d like help with your Amazon listing optimization, contact the marketing experts at SocialSEO today!

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