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Tools SEO Experts Use The Most In 2022

What Tools Do the SEO Experts Use the Most in 2022?

The SEO landscape is always changing, making it tough to stay on top of all the best ways to leverage Google’s algorithm to your benefit if you want to grow your business’s online presence and rank higher in relevant search results. Learning the ins and outs of optimization is especially difficult if you’re just starting out, but thankfully, finding the best SEO software is hardly a challenge.

In addition to the time, effort, and energy they’ll save you from having to research keywords and analyze data on your own, these tools also provide the best SEO experts with reports that show how a site is measuring up to the competition and where opportunities for improvement lie. Some software will also simplify the reporting process for multiple websites if you manage more than one.

Whether you’re interested in a career in digital marketing or you just want to see what other tools you could be using to boost your efforts, check out the tools SEO experts are using today.


AHrefs is one of the most widely used and highly recommended SEO tools there is. It’s primarily used to conduct keyword analysis and research for Google, YouTube, and Amazon, but it offers so much more than that. The suite of software can also be used to perform a competitor backlink analysis, check and fix potential broken links, analyze your best-performing pages, analyze a site’s overall SEO health, and more. AHrefs is also the second-largest website crawler after Google! There’s a lot to like about AHrefs, but the Site Audit feature stands out as one of the most useful to us because it shows which areas of a site need the most improvement to rank higher on SERPs.

Google Search Console

Best Tools SEO Experts Use

Google Search Console is free for anyone with a website to sign up for and provides tools and reporting features that help measure a site’s overall search traffic and performance. It’s most useful when trying to diagnose an issue, either during regular site maintenance or when adjustments are made. Server errors, security issues, and site load issues can easily be monitored and resolved to improve user experience and search performance. Search console also allows you to control what pages get indexed and helps you better understand how Google and users view the site. It’s especially useful for new sites and is a good starting point for anyone that’s inexperienced with SEO.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is, without a doubt, one of the most important SEO tools available to not only SEO professionals but those in practically every other area of digital marketing as well. It has been for a while, and it should continue to be for a very long time. It helps you gain extensive insight into how users are reaching the pages on a website and which pages are the highest and lowest converting. But that just scratches the surface of what Google Analytics offers your SEO efforts. The tool also lets you create SEO-related goals, compare organic visitors to non-organic, add annotations to track content updates, track keywords, set up custom dashboards, find referral sights, and see how Google views your website, and you can sync your Google search console account for even more data insights.

Answer the Public

Sometimes, even the most experienced SEO professionals can use a little help coming up with keywords to target and blogs to write. That’s where a tool like Answer the Public comes in handy. Answer the Public “listens” to data from Google to visualize queries and suggest autocomplete searches, ultimately using the data to generate useful phrases and questions that users search for on a specified topic. This helps you create better content around certain keywords, ultimately helping a site rank higher and appear on more SERPs.

SEM Rush

Although it’s not specific to SEO like many of these other resources on this list, are SEMRush is still a very valuable tool for any website’s SEO efforts. It’s especially useful when you need to quickly assess a website’s rankings, but one of the most useful features is the Domain vs. Domain analysis which allows you to easily websites. The on-page SEO Checker tool is also extremely helpful because it gives you useful recommendations on how a site’s performance can be improved along with overall site health.

Curious to learn more about what SEO tools the SEO experts are using? Or, maybe your digital marketing efforts could use a boost from someone who has intricate knowledge of these SEO tools and knows how to leverage their features for your benefit. Contact the SEO experts at SocialSEO to learn more about the digital marketing services we offer!

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