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YouTube Dominates Video Search Results In 2020

YouTube Dominates Video Search Results in 2020

Year after year, YouTube continues to make the biggest splash in terms of video search results as far as Google is concerned. YouTube is owned by Google, of course, but the dominance they hold comes partly of their own volition. Since its conception in 2005, YouTube has led the industry with user-created videos and as more content is created, search results are able to resolve more queries by suggesting relevant videos. But what about the other guys? Sites such as Facebook also stream user-created videos, though it seems that there is a significant shadow being cast by the internet’s most well-known video platform.

How Dominant is YouTube?

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According to this article by Dr. Peter J. Meyers, YouTube hosted 94% of video search results on Google’s first page as part of a 2020 study of 2.1 million search queries. That is a wildly significant number when you consider that YouTube isn’t the only service streaming user-created content. Facebook comes in at 1.4% and the Khan Academy at 1.5%, but still, there is no real competition at all. This Wall Street Journal article talks about how, since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, they have pushed the popular video streaming service in their search results and have effectively driven out any competition that may have been. Videos that receive more views and more comments on competing platforms such as Facebook aren’t shown first in Google, but instead, identical videos hosted on YouTube are promoted on Google’s first page. This has lead many companies to develop a YouTube marketing strategy.

How Does YouTube Have Such a Large Margin?

There are multiple reasons why YouTube holds such a large piece of the pie:

● Major corporations choose YouTube for marketing because it’s much easier to get the results they need rather than hosting on a smaller platform or on their own site

● Google’s algorithm places a high value on speed, and a slow-loading video will not perform as well in search results

● Since YouTube is owned by Google, videos are naturally optimized for Google search and will display better than competing platforms YouTube is such a big performer that it isn’t difficult to see why businesses gravitate towards it for their video streaming and video marketing initiatives. Businesses are expected to continue to use YouTube’s marketing features, as it would take a massive disruption in the industry for another platform to take the lead. By leveraging YouTube’s popularity in your own video marketing initiatives, you can help your website rank higher in Google’s search results pages and attract more customers. Creating professional, well-researched videos can make a big difference and set your business apart from your competition.

SocialSEO’s Video Marketing Services

At SocialSEO, YouTube Marketing is our specialty. Our video team handles all components of professional video creation, including pre-production, production, post-production, editing, directing, and everything else that a high-quality video requires. Our video marketing team prides itself on taking care of the individual needs of our clients, and we strive to tell the story of your brand to your customers and prospects in a way that showcases the benefits of your products and services. Every brand has a story, and our goal is to help you share yours with the world. Contact us to discuss your YouTube marketing strategy and let SocialSEO create stunning, effective videos that will help with growth and increase your ROI.

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