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Optimize YouTube – It’s the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine

To those new to SEO, it’s easy to focus on the big-name search engines like Google, or Bing, but YouTube ranks as the world’s second largest search engine. Adding YouTube search engine optimization to your marketing strategy can have a huge impact on your content’s exposure and brand’s reach. Knowing how to do SEO for your YouTube profile and videos is your key to being successful.

Videos on your website should be on YouTube

Videos for YouTubeIf you currently have videos on your website, these same videos should be on YouTube. You’ve already done the hard work creating your videos, why not video optimize them to gain additional exposure?

If you are creating new videos to post on YouTube, be sure to post them on your website, too. One of the easiest ways to increase the number of subscribers to your channel is to take advantage of the client base that you already have. Using each platform to promote the other will only help increase your following on each.

Optimizing for YouTube is similar to the SEO techniques you already know

Many of the tactics that you are already using for SEO can be applied to YouTube search engine optimization as well. Factors like titles, descriptions, and images all have an impact on how well your videos rank. So, what should you focus on?

  • Create an eye-catching and relevant title. The bulk of users on YouTube want content that is quick and easy to watch, yet entertaining and engaging. This means that you need to create a title that grabs the user’s attention so that they want to click on it. Be sure to include relevant keywords so that your video actually shows up in a related search.
  • Optimize your description. Chances are, if someone clicks on your video and doesn’t find what they are immediately looking for, they’ll still look for information in the description box. Be sure to include pertinent information and link back to your company’s website. Include keywords and focus on the first 150 words of your description, as that is what the user will see without expanding the description box. Creating an optimized description will also help search engines determine what your video is about and increase the chances of your video ranking higher in the search results.
  • Create playlists. If you have a lot of videos on your channel, it can be easy for great content to get lost in it all. Playlists act like folders on your desktop that help organize your videos. If a user is looking for a specific type of content, an efficiently labeled playlist can help them track down the video they are looking for. If users like your content, organized playlists will help them find related content and increase the likelihood that they will subscribe to be notified when you create new content.   

Know when to bring in a professional

YouTube is the second largest social media platform and the second largest search engine. Millions of users visit the site every day. At SocialSEO, we offer video services as well as SEO for YouTube channels. Our team knows what it takes to take your video to the next level. If you think you’re ready to make YouTube a part of your marketing strategy, SocialSEO is here to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you or fill out our form for a free quote today.

SocialSEO Team