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Video Storytelling Strategies

Video Storytelling Strategies

A good video marketing strategy can help your business connect with your ideal audience and build a firm foundation within your market. At the height of the digital age, nearly everyone is consumed by video, whether for the purpose of business or pleasure. As humans, we are attracted to storytelling by nature because we enjoy hearing about what others are doing and dreaming of the things that we could do ourselves. Over the last century, we have become conditioned to give our attention to video and it has become widely popular in the world of marketing as a result.

So what makes a good video marketing strategy? There are a number of ways to connect with your customers and create a link that resonates with their desires and goals. Here, we’ll focus on three big actions you can take that can have a positive effect on your overall marketing strategy.

Personalize Connections With Segmented Audiences

The most entrancing videos are those that provide viewers with a one-to-one level of personalization. However, it goes without saying that it isn’t feasible to create thousands of videos by researching individual prospects. That’s why many successful marketers will segment their audiences and then tailor a smaller number of video storytelling strategies to appeal to different demographics including geographic location, prospect age, or gender, or psychographic elements such as behavior or motivation. This way, you can create a more personal connection with prospective clients and customers because your message focuses on the attributes that they value.

Video Marketing Strategies

Harness the Power of AI to Boost Efficiency

Post-production editing is a heavily time-consuming task, and this can discourage teams from producing quality video content. But this is the stuff that AI was built for – by integrating AI technology, you can automate the process of trimming, splicing, cropping, or resizing videos all while keeping the focus on the right aspects. AI can also help you transcribe audio to create subtitles, which are an important part of any video marketing strategy. Many people watch videos without audio, and you can save a lot of time and resources by adding this to your AI engine’s to-do list. You can also use it to create shorter clips for preview videos that can be implemented at various stages of your campaigns.

Measure Performance With Robust Analytics

Blindly sending your video out into the world in the hopes that your prospects will like it is a great way to fail quickly. Without analytical data to review, you’ll lack the ability to track the performance of your videos and determine which are producing the highest conversions. Strong analytics software can tell you who is watching your video, how long they watch, whether they click links, details about the cookies stored for particular users, whether the content has been replayed, skipped, and more. This data enables you to tweak your video marketing strategy for better results and better-quality videos.

Partner with SocialSEO to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Combining all three of these strategies can help you ensure a successful campaign that will engage your prospects and encourage them to take action. At SocialSEO, our video department team can help your business implement video storytelling strategies efficiently by offering pre-production, production, post-production, editing, directing, and everything else in between. Your customers shouldn’t just watch your videos, they should enjoy your story, engage with it, and crave more. Contact us today to discuss your video ideas and we’ll help you utilize impactful storytelling to grow your business.

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