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Storytelling With Video

The Art of Storytelling Through Video: Engaging Your Consumers

SEO and SEM tactics are effective tools when planning your digital marketing strategy. Using them combined with a visual medium will help make your business more personable to your audience. Video is almost everywhere online. Facebook has them and websites like YouTube makes their money off of them. Instagram now has short video snippets as well.

These sites are likely where your target audience is hanging out, which means they’re probably searching for and watching videos. If you want to build your brand and reach more consumers, this would be the perfect medium to do it. In fact, other companies are using them to tell a story or message that gets them noticed with their audience. Crafting an effective story depends on what your story is and how you choose to tell it.

How Video Storytelling Helps Build Your Brand

Storytelling with Video ProductionVideo storytelling is a way for your business to introduce itself to potential customers and lets them see what your company is all about. Reaching them with this type of media allows you to engage in an emotional connection that will build trust over time. When you have your market’s trust, they’re more likely to choose you when purchasing a product or service down the line. This can help your social media marketing campaign.

You can tell your story in a few different ways:

History of your company: You can present how your company got started and what you’ve done up to the current day. They can see your roots and the journey that got you here. You become more personable and seem less like a business.

Highlighting important deeds: Tell your story through a video that highlights anything impressive you’ve done or taken on. Have you hosted a charitable drive that brought in a large sum of money? Have you volunteered to help build homes for the homeless? Show pictures of your remarkable feats and do a voice-over explaining how it went.

Build authority in your brand: Take your company’s motto, experience, or testimonials and present them in a way that shows, rather than just tells them, why you’re the company of choice. This could be satisfied customers giving a snippet of their experience with your business on video or show pictures of employees on the job doing what they do best.

Tips on How to Tell Your Story Through Video

Creating a video isn’t what’s going to draw customers to your business though. You need to craft an effective piece with a message that grabs them. Here are some tips to utilize for a successful video storytelling campaign:

Be honest: Dishonesty can easily be detected or found out, harming your business’s reputation. Stick with honesty and they’ll respect you for it.

Turn your brand or message into a memorable character: Good storytelling is about characters that your target audience can relate to. Use that character to tell your story.

Outline your story with a beginning, middle and ending: Stories that grip us always have a beginning, middle and an ending. Video stories for digital marketing should as well, just make sure it’s told in a short piece instead of a two-hour long movie.

Don’t be afraid to use simple graphics and music: Stories don’t always have to be told using a lot of pomp and circumstance. Simple pictures and some background music and voice-overs can be just as effective.

The art of storytelling in video format is all about the message you want to tell and the emotion you want to invoke. Whether your piece instills happiness or sadness, your market will be engaged and will relate to your brand, thereby keeping you in mind when your product or service is something they need in the future. This can only be done when they’ve found trust in you and that’s obtained through your storytelling piece. Feel free to our Video Production Team here at SocialSEO if you want to learn more about how video can increase profits for your business.

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