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Benefits Of A FAQ Page

The Benefits of a Clear and Concise FAQ Page

Many businesses have pages dedicated to answering frequently asked questions or FAQs, but have you ever wondered where those questions come from, and why they are listed? You may be surprised to know that many companies come up with the questions themselves while researching their ideal customers. They focus on who their customers are, what questions they might have about products and services, and what objections they might have when it comes to making a purchase. Naturally, additional questions and their corresponding answers are often added as customer support teams field real questions from customers, and posting these can have a number of benefits.

Benefits of FAQ Pages:

Benefits of FAQ Pages
  • Decrease workload for customer support teams. Answering questions before customers ask them can eliminate the need for them to contact your support staff before making a purchase. This saves your business time and resources.
  • Shorten the customer buying process. The fewer questions your customers have about your products or services, the fewer objections they’ll consider before they buy. If the information is there for them to view, they can purchase quickly and with confidence.
  • Build trust with customers. Your customers want to know that you’re thinking of them and have their best interests in mind. Posting FAQs on your website shows them that they aren’t the only ones asking and that you care enough to provide the information they need.
  • Increase sales funnel efficiency. Sales funnels are designed to lead prospects through the sales process, but this can be interrupted quickly if there are too many questions. Calling out common queries or concerns enables prospects to move forward quickly.
  • Improve internal linking. Your FAQ page is the perfect place to share your resources with potential customers. If you have blog posts or other valuable material that is relevant to the question or can help illustrate the answer, include an internal link to it.

The Google Advantage

Adding clear answers to FAQs can help Google rank your page higher in search results, and it builds trust with Google that can drastically improve your website’s performance. You’ll want to structure your FAQ section according to categories for streamlined navigation and include a search function so that prospects can easily find the answers they need (and so that Google can crawl with ease). Search engines are your best friends when it comes to FAQ’s and SEO, and playing into Google’s hand can bring about an onslaught of benefits.

Keys to Enhancing Your FAQ Page

To enhance your FAQ page and make it easy for your prospects as well as for Google and other search engines, keep your questions and answers clear, concise, and factual. Your answers should be no longer than three short paragraphs – just enough to get the point across. If you’re dealing with a more complex question that is asked frequently, or if there’s something you want to explain to your prospects before they have to ask about it, consider making a video response instead. SocialSEO has an amazing video department that can help to create professional FAQ videos that will impress and inspire prospective customers. If you do use videos, they should be kept short as well but may help you to illustrate your point more effectively than using text.

Step Up Your FAQ Page With SocialSEO

At SocialSEO, our specialty is increasing trust and promoting awareness with your customers and with Google. Our SEO specialists can help you step up your FAQ page so that it offers a clear direction for your customers to follow and helps them through your sales process. By having our team help you create a clear FAQ page you can improve your search engine results placement and help lower the load of your customer support teams. If you have questions about FAQ pages or other digital marketing initiatives, contact us today.

SocialSEO Team