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Organic Popular Products Listings

Organic Popular Products Listings in Mobile Search, Why Should You Care?

What Are Organic Popular Product Listings?

The organic popular products listing is a feature that Google introduced to make shopping easier for everyone. These listings search for popular products from sellers and present them in a single window. Shoppers can then pick style, department and size type they want.

As the name suggests, they work based on organic traffic searches, rather than paid ads. So far, you will be able to shop for shoes, apparel and similar products using the Popular Products listing.

What Are Shopping Campaigns?

Shopping campaigns differ from Organic Popular Product listings in mobile search in a way that you will have to use money when creating them. Campaigns are used for advertising your products in Google Ads. The two are similar to each other, with the major difference being that you will have to pay to make shopping campaigns.

 How Does Mobile Shopping Differ from Desktop Shopping?

People buy more when they are shopping from their PC, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First, the screen size. It is just more comfortable buying from a desktop than zooming in on your phone, checking every angle of the photo. Secondly, the performance of mobile devices is still slower than PCs.

But still, there are good reasons why you should improve your mobile SEO.

First of all: traffic. While people do buy more while desktop shopping, they tend to browse a lot on their phones.

Then there’s the potential that mobile shopping has. There has been an increase of 23% of mobile shoppers in 2019, compared to 2018. That is a lot. And with the decreasing difficulty of mobile shopping, that number will still rise.

Organic Popular Products Listings in Mobile Search

Why Should We Care About Organic Popular Product Listings in Mobile Search?

Having mentioned the importance of mobile shopping, we should definitely care about popular product listings since this feature will enable retailers to bring more shoppers to their website.

If your business appears in the Popular Products section, that will enable you to have more organic visitors in addition to the regular organic searches that have been driving your traffic so far. To effectively use this feature though, you will have to invest in optimization of your product data feeds and metadata attributes related to your products.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that this feature will appear among already crowded mobile SERPs. We highly suggest monitoring the results of incoming mobile traffic to determine if Organic Popular Product listing is something that will increase your online presence.

How Do Popular Product Listings Work?

Popular Listings provide a user with detailed info about the product they are interested in. First, they will be able to see the images of that product.

Next will be details and links to the shops selling the merchandise. Details include the name of the shop, the price they sell at and the colors that are available for a specific item.

Afterwards, the user will be presented with a snapshot of a review. The reviews are collected from different shops that sell the item in question.

And the last option is “Browse similar products”. It comes in the form of a grid and enables users to search for products similar to the one they are looking at now.

Users that click on a webshop link will be sent directly to the product detail page (PDP) for that item.

If you want to utilize this new feature, as a business owner, you want to make sure that the Product schema markup on PDPs is set to incorporate the recommended properties. Also, no errors and warnings should show up when you verify the markup in the Structured Data Testing Tool.

Another thing you should take care of is that you feed your merchandise into your Merchant Center product feed, and to generally follow the best practices recommended by Google.

How Does This Affect Your SEO?

This new feature within mobile SERPs brings more organic opportunities for a webshop owner.

Before Organic Popular Products listings in Mobile Search appeared, to increase your exposure and visitor numbers you had two options – to pay for ads and to improve your SEO. Now, as Google users become more used to seeing the Popular Products page, you will be able to drive a lot more mobile organic search traffic to your website.

If you want to use this feature, be aware that it is influenced by Merchant Center product feeds as well as by Product Schema markup. Your content and marketing teams should be more in sync and they cannot allow any issues to arise with these two.

Paid search, SEO, and shopping ads teams will have to take additional care about mobile traffic monitoring. It is not yet known how exactly the organic traffic from the Popular Products section will be measured since it hasn’t been divided from the rest of the organic results. The most probable solution is that Google will create a special report in its Search Console Performance to indicate the traffic coming from Popular Products.

Popular Product Listings as A New Opportunity to Drive Traffic For Mobile

We can’t emphasize enough how important this new feature can be for retail brands to bring more organic mobile traffic to their web sites and specific PDPs of their products.

Should your merchandise appear in the Popular Products listing, your brand will receive more organic opportunities. This, combined with the regular organic traffic that you’re receiving already will significantly improve your online presence.

That being said, your potential customers might opt to make a purchase somewhere else if they find the same item being sold at a lower price. Or even give up on shopping because they realized that the reviews of the desired merchandise are not as good as they hoped for.

If you want to improve your website and take advantage of Organic Popular Products listings in Mobile Search, contact SocialSEO to get E-Commerce SEO services for your online retail company.