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Facebook Lookalike Audience

Why Facebook Lookalike Audience is Great for your Business

SocialSEO’s Guide to Facebook Lookalike Audiences

What is a Facebook Lookalike Audience?

A Facebook Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are most likely to be interested in your products or service. Facebook Lookalike Audiences are effective because they are created using your existing customer’s data. Facebook is able to identify the common qualities of people who are similar to your existing customers and create an entirely new audience for you to target.

Why is Facebook Lookalike Audience Important?

Even though you might be perfectly aware of what the ideal customer profile is, this tool analyzes your followers in detail and then finds common interests. Facebook uses its vast collection of consumer data to make connections within your target market, allowing you to identify high-value customers you couldn’t get in touch with before. More notably, this proactive selection optimizes the marketing expenditure and reduces the acquisition costs while doing it.

Facebook Lookalike Audience is easy to use, which makes it an incredibly effective marketing tool to identify highly converting users.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

How Facebook Lookalike Audiences Work

The process begins with the creation of the source audience. It is ideal to pick out those that are already interacting with your business in some way. A source audience can be an email list you have, customer purchase data, or even visitors to your website. Once you have uploaded or created a source audience within Facebook Ads Manager, you can now create a Lookalike Audience.

Visit the Ads Manager page to access Facebook Audiences that will take you to the ‘Create a Lookalike Audience’ page. You can use the options mentioned above as your source. The location field must also be completed, requiring that you indicate a country or region.

The Audience Size slider will show you how big your lookalike audience is. You can use it to create multiple seed audiences from the same source. The smaller the audience, the more precisely it matches your source audience, and vice versa.

How Social Media Advertising Helps

Social media has become a powerful tool in marketing thanks to its ability to build brand recognition, connect with followers, and drive traffic to business sites. However, the strongest effect comes when you have an audience to work with that will interact and generate sales.

Through Facebook Lookalike Audiences, businesses can initiate contact with potential clients that have yet to discover your business. The ability to connect with cold audiences and pick out the most promising leads based on existing client data cannot be understated. This targeted advertising is better refined to ensure that the demographics chosen will be more likely to engage.


Lookalike Audiences can help you and your business grow. If you’re ready to expand your business, gain more customers and beat your competitors, just contact SocialSEO and find out how!