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How Video Helps Your Brand Find Its Voice

How Video Helps Your Brand Find Its Voice

Just a few years ago, video on the internet used to be confined to sites that only show videos, like YouTube. However, in the last few years, video has overtaken a majority of social programs as one of the main methods of reaching other people. Facebook, which traditionally had posts filled with text and images, is rapidly filling up with short videos. Once one of the more difficult media to manage, video has become extremely easy to share. Record a video with your smartphone, then upload the video immediately to the internet. Technology has advanced to the point that even amateur videos are good enough to post and share with your community.

For viewers, video is a more entertaining way of communicating. Mobile technology gives users the ability to access any video online almost anywhere in the world. People can amuse themselves by watching videos until it is their turn at the doctor, grocery line, or movie theater. What does that mean for your brand?

Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Voice Branding Through VideoVideo actually makes finding your brand’s voice easier than it was before. You can interact with customers through video in a more complete way than through text or image. Here are some benefits of using video:

  • The viewer feels as if they are right next to you
  • You engage several senses – sight, sound and touch
  • Video is more entertaining than reading text or seeing a still image
  • Video can tell a story in first person
  • Video offers a realism that you can’t feel in other media

Video is almost as good as being in front of a customer in person. Customers can offer feedback to start a conversation, and you can even use chat to discuss something in real time. Watching a video is easier than reading, and it is more fun. When you are building your brand, you have the option of creating several types of videos to share with clients.

What Type of Video Should I Make?

According to Hubspot, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands. Videos create excitement, and that’s good because there are an array of videos that you can create right from your phone or a small video camera.

Hubspot lists 12 types of videos in one of their blog posts, if you’re interested, but let’s focus on the ones you can use to build your brand.

Brand Videos

A brand video is similar to storytelling. It is the story of how your brand came to be and where it is going from here. You can create a video in which you are speaking directly to the viewing audience, or you can speak to an interviewer in your video in a conversational manner. You can use this type of video to introduce key company employees, focus on specific departments or discuss the overall message your brand is promoting.

Event Videos

Event videos offer a unique space for showing off what your brand can offer. You can video the event, then edit it to show the highlights that feature your brand story.

Educational/How-to Videos

Educational videos teach your viewer how to do a task or how to understand a concept. This type of video is more focused than a brand video, but you can still add your brand’s voice here. As you educate, you can incorporate your brand’s values.

Personalized Messages

Personalized messages add your own personal touch to a video. These can be stand-alone messages or attached to another type of video. However, by adding your own take on a topic, you create an intimate setting with the viewer that helps establish trust.

Choosing Your Brand Voice

While you may think you know what you want your brand’s voice to be, you should do some research first. If you haven’t already created customer personas for your brand, this is a great time to get started. Knowing your customers will help you settle on the right voice. Remember, your goal is to draw your persona into your sales funnel. Therefore, your voice needs to be one that will attract this specific persona. If you need a little assistant from the professionals when it comes to figuring out your brand’s voice through video, give the friendly experts at SocialSEO a call today. We would love to help get you on the right track to online success through the medium of video. We’re here to help you!

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