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Brand Bidding: Do I Really Need To Bid On My Brand Name?

Brand Bidding: Do I Really Need To Bid On My Brand Name?

Brand bidding is when a business bids on their own brand name keyword terms within a pay-per-click campaign. For example, Home Depot bidding on the keywords “Home Depot”. Many business owners wonder whether this is a worthwhile strategy – to pay for traffic that is going to reach you organically anyways, but just because someone searches for your brand name doesn’t necessarily mean they will make it to your website. Search results pages offer so many distractions these days with multiple places to click like maps, shopping ads, twitter feeds, and reviews, it’s more important than ever to own that search results page and not let any other business steal your clicks. Here are some other important reasons to create an AdWords branding campaign:

Own your brand

Some businesses may try to steal your web traffic through a tactic called conquesting, which is when competitors bid on your brand name. Paid search ads appear at the top of the search results page, so if you do not have an ad that can appear in a search for your brand name and one of your competitors does, there’s a chance their ad can appear above your organic listing and steal that click from you.

Use more real estate

When a user searches for your brand name, if you show up in the paid results and the organic results, you will take up much more space on the search results page and push any potential competitors down the page where the user is less likely to notice their listing. In the search results for SocialSEO, you can see how the combination of our paid and organic listings takes up almost the entire search results page.

Improve your metrics

Branded searches almost always have the highest possible Quality Score and a very low cost-per-click. They also generate a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR). By utilizing these keywords through an AdWords branding campaign, you can increase the average Quality Score and CTR of the entire account which will drive down your average cost-per-click across the account as well.

Brand bidding is an essential part of every pay-per-click campaign. It can never hurt you to bid on your brand name, it can only help with your overall marketing efforts and ensure the highest number of clicks to your website.

To learn more, contact our experts at SocialSEO. Let us help take your business to the next level in the search engines, Social Media and PPC.

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