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Why PPC Automation Wrecks Some Advertising Campaigns

Paid search management can make the difference between a campaign that flourishes and a campaign that bottoms out early and wastes ad spend. Certainly, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an extremely useful tool and enables your business to attract new clients whenever they search for the services that you offer. But if your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign isn’t optimized or configured correctly, these tools become detrimental to the success of your overall marketing efforts. A thousand dollars, for example, isn’t a lot to have, but it is a lot to lose in any advertising strategy. Without proper configuration you can end up wasting your ad spend or worse, losing a good portion of it altogether.

The reason is that PPC operates with artificial intelligence at the helm. This AI uses advanced algorithms to optimize your ad strategy and help you achieve a lower cost per click (CPC), but it isn’t foolproof. For all of the good AI is capable of, including the ability to continuously learn and adapt, it lacks the solid intuition, intellect, improvisation, or even insight that humans have to be able to make informed decisions about the details of a given campaign. Automation helps us to get things done faster and with less manual input, but it shouldn’t be confused with autopilot. For a campaign to run successfully, it requires paid search management, wherein a professional can remain in control and oversee the progress at all times. This means that if you were hoping to set it and forget it, you might be disappointed with the outcome.

Alerts Can Help, but Shouldn’t Be Used Alone

Alerts can help you monitor your ad spend and keep you on budget by notifying you of specific events. This gives you more control over your paid search management campaign and enables you to make periodic changes to ensure that everything, for the most part, remains on track. There are five main levels of alerts that can offer strategic benefits for your campaigns:

PPC Automations Issues
  • Account. Account-level alerts enable you to focus on specific accounts with low conversion volumes and prioritize their optimization to reach set goals.
  • Campaign. Alerts at the campaign level help you to optimize your top accounts and increase your averages by identifying any weak links.
  • Label. Label level alerts are intended for brand campaigns and product collections and can help you monitor specific targets within those accounts.
  • Bid Strategy. Built-in AI functionality is designed to handle your bid strategy, but alerts are necessary to help you monitor whether your ad spend is being managed efficiently.
  • Budget. Budget level alerts enable you to maximize your success within your budget without the worry of overspending on poorly performing accounts, or any accounts at all.

As stated, alerts can be useful but on their own, they cannot ensure that your campaign will be successful. With paid search management, Pay Per Click professionals can monitor each stage of your campaign and optimize based on their advanced knowledge and experience with this type of marketing. This means better results that are nurtured carefully along the way.

Paid Search Management With SocialSEO

SocialSEO can help you manage your advertising campaigns and create ads that will attract the right customers. You’ll be able to achieve a positive ROI with results that are data-driven from the start. We advertise search engine marketing on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Amazon Ads, and utilize both geofencing and programmatic marketing strategies. Contact us today to discover how our industry-leading team can help attract your ideal customers and bring you the best ROI for your paid search management campaigns!

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