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How Do Social Media And SEO Work Together?

How Do Social Media And SEO Work Together?

Social Media and SEO are the peanut butter and jelly of the digital marketing world. One can survive without the other, but the effectiveness of the two together provides you with a much more powerful marketing engine. And while social media does not affect a site’s ability to rank within search results by simply having a profile, do not discredit the benefit that Social Media can have towards your SEO strategies.

In SEO, content is one of the biggest and more effective strategies for ranking within search results and an easy merger between social media and SEO. Content from the website can easily be published across a variety of social media platforms which help boost your referral traffic and your backlinks to your website. Not only are you able to increase your traffic, but you increase your domain authority as well.

Another critical strategy for utilizing SEO and social media together is by optimizing content on social media platforms, the same way you would optimize it on your website for SEO purposes; utilizing keyword phrases with high search volume matched with high user intent. Most social media platforms hold domain authorities in the 90s. This gives you a great opportunity to dominate search results by adding in social media content pages as well. The more references of your company within search results, the more credible of a choice you become for the user.

As the consumer journey has shifted to a more researched driven journey, it’s important to make sure you are in front of your customers always, and a strong social media strategy can promote that effort immensely. Rankings aside, visibility is always being where the customer is. This includes following them on social media platforms and through search engines (both organically and through paid advertising as well). The more you can be in front of your customer, the more you become the obvious choice.

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