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8 Ways Social Media And Seo Work Together

8 Ways Social Media and SEO Work Together

While your social media channels might not directly impact your search ranking, they still have a significant impact on your SEO. By utilizing the right strategies as part of your social media posts, you can raise your search engine ranking, increase your visibility, and make it easier for customers to find your page.

1. External Link Building

Social shares don’t automatically increase your ranking on Google, but they do spread your content farther. Enhanced social shares mean enhanced visibility and that means that more people are likely to link back to your content. Google does take into consideration visits to your page and how long people stay on the page when they visit, so producing high-quality content that is shared across social media can help move your search engine ranking ever closer to the top of that first page of Google.

2. Social Sharing

Social media allows you to spread the word about your content to a wider audience than you would be able to reach through search engines alone. When you create high-quality content, you naturally encourage customers to interact with it, including sharing that content with their friends and followers and eventually creating a wide net of enhanced visibility. Over time, you’ll find that your social media channels increase your overall reach, which, in turn, can help boost your rankings in the search engines.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

How customers view your brand is important and social media can help expand that reach. When you share information about your brand on social media you help connect your brand, whether that’s your personal name or the name of your company, to your industry. Then, when interested searchers are looking for more information about the products and services you offer, they’re more likely to search for your company directly.

4. Optimizing Your Profile and Posts for Search

It’s not just Google that potential customers are searching when they’re interested in finding content about your industry. They’ll also turn to their preferred social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among others. The same strategies that help optimize your website for search will work equally effectively on your social media pages, making it easier for customers to find you no matter what platform they’re using.

5. Reaching a Mobile Audience

Increasingly, Google and other search engines are recognizing the importance of social media in providing the content that customers are looking for. As a result, they’re giving searchers information from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms when they come looking for content. Google is currently partnering with Twitter to improve search indexing and increase visibility for many customers and that makes your Twitter posts even more important for raising brand awareness for your company.

6. Social Media Following

High-quality followers mean that your business is doing something right: typically, sharing information with authority and confidence. Your social media following–real, organic followers, not proxy followers–can help establish your authority in your field, making it easier for search engines to recognize the validity and usefulness of your website. As a result, more high-quality followers on social media can help boost your visibility in the search engines.

7. Building Relationships

When you build relationships with your followers through social media, they’re more likely to turn to your website for their questions and concerns–and more visitors to your website can improve your search ranking. By focusing on building relationships on social media, you also increase brand awareness and improve your connection to your audience, which in turn can increase conversions.

8. Online Reviews

Online reviews are a critical part of building your search engine presence. Through social media, you can encourage customers to easily leave those critical reviews, increasing your brand presence. Today’s customers are looking for social proof: information from other customers about the type of service your brand provides. High-quality reviews can bring more customers to your business, while poor reviews can turn customers away before they even have a chance to get to know you.

Your social media pages are more than just a vehicle for directing customers to your website. They’re also a critical part of your SEO strategy. By building your social media pages, you can have an impact on your overall SEO, making it easier for you to bring in organic search results and, as a result, create more satisfied customers.

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