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Monetize Your Email List

When PPC Holiday Costs Go Up, Monetize Your Email List

As a small to medium size business (SMB), the arrival of the Holidays is like walking into the gauntlet. It is the coming of a season of challenge and great reward. Sales, holiday events, and cold weather drives customers in hoards to shop in-person and online. It is also a time of year where those who have invested in digital marketing see the highest return on their investment (ROI).

As the holidays approach, many SMBs are met with the same dilemma: to increase ad spend or to not? It is no secret that those large chains that make shopping so easy have a budget that seems to have no end. It is also no secret that this seemingly endless budget raises the price per click (PPC) for everyone else this time of year. In today’s climate, every penny spent on a campaign is a precious one. Money spent unwisely can drastically hurt your holiday acquisition goals, or worse, cause you to miss out on building that life-long relationship with your perfect customer.

If you are worried about the unpredictable rise in PPC costs during the Holidays and your ability to compete with larger competitors who CAN afford the rising costs per click, there is a solution for you: acquisition.

Moving funds into a lead generation campaign can help you to gain the edge you need on your competition NOW. And with an average return of $41 for every dollar spent, capitalizing on those leads with a well thought out and personalized email campaign is a smart move – and by smart, we mean it provides excellent ROI and is one of the best ways to utilize those assets.

Monetize Your Email

Starting your campaign early provides you with the ability to build a comfortable relationship with your customers. We want to be “Girl Scouts” (a brand many recognize and buy cookies from happily every year because it feels like a tradition) not traveling vacuum salesmen (who show up randomly to your door, are vaguely creepy, and sell a product that feels way overpriced). Brand awareness and authority are just two of the benefits of a successful email campaign. The keyword you should be homing in on here is “successful”. We’re not talking about that outdated monthly newsletter you receive from your childhood orthodontist that provides you with information for one audience – one that you aren’t part of anymore – and looks like it’s still stuck in the early 2000s. This is a data driven, personalized campaign, that contains different versions for your different audiences so that they are getting the information THEY WANT, which will increase your conversion rate.

But you already have a long list of emails that you tried to market to once and didn’t see a great return on? We can help you with that. Your email list is one of the highest value assets your company has, and they are doing no one any good if they are not being nurtured correctly.

Being able to read, analyze, and correctly segment the data you are receiving is crucial to a successful email campaign (honestly, its crucial to ANY digital marketing campaign), and it also happens to be one of the principal skills that we bring to the table at SocialSEO. Our comprehensive structure as an agency provides you with 7 different digital marketing services to utilize in your efforts, as well as the ability to cross reference data across different services and platforms so that you have the most holistic and successful approach to digital marketing for your business.

The choices you make regarding your digital marketing campaign should not be based off a gut reaction or luck, they should have data to back and support them. Collecting and leveraging this data to discover the best way to approach your audience is one sure-fire way to build a relationship that will last. That means when prime holiday PPC season rolls around, and consumers are overwhelmed with ads to buy the next new shiny thing from this unfamiliar company, you will have the edge of familiarity.  Your customers will know who they want to turn to for their purchase thanks to the groundwork you lay now.

Interested in learning more about how a well thought out email marketing campaign can help your SMB succeed? Contact us at SocialSEO today for a free quote.

SocialSEO Team