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Why You Should Optimize Your Visuals for Increased Mobility Speed

Visuals are an important component of your marketing strategy. It takes the average consumer less than 5 seconds to decide if a website appeals to them. Rather than reading through the written content you’ve crafted, most consumers take a quick glance at the visuals you’ve posted and use them to quickly judge the value of your site. It’s not that consumers are opposed to reading your written content, it’s just that they can process visual information 60,000 times faster than written information. As of 2018, 21% of the website’s value was determined on the strength of its visuals.

The better your visuals, the better the odds become that you’ll capture their attention. The types of visuals today’s consumer respond to include:

  • Infographics
  • Short videos
  • Clear images
  • Screenshots
  • Memes/GIFs
  • Graphs

Choosing the perfect visuals is the first step to incorporating visuals into your digital marketing strategy. The second step is optimizing them for increased mobility speed.

Site Speed TacticsWhy Visuals Need to be Optimized to Increase Mobility Speed

Loading speed is extremely important to consumers. If a webpage doesn’t load almost instantly on their mobile device, they turn their attention elsewhere and never return to your website again. While visuals help attract consumers, they also slow loading speed, which is why it’s important to make sure they’re properly optimized.

Keeping your target market’s attention isn’t the only reason to worry about how quickly your page loads on mobile devices. A slow loading speed can also decrease your search ranking, making it harder for consumers to locate your website. The slower loading speed means it takes significantly longer for the search engine crawlers to analyze the page data and determine the overall ranking.

The best time to evaluate your website’s loading speed is today. The simplest way to accurately learn the average loading speed is at Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

How to Optimize Visuals for Increased Mobility Speed

The key to maintaining a website that’s fast and full of appealing visuals is optimization. It’ll please you to know that optimizing your visuals for faster loading speeds isn’t a complex process.

Size is the main reason visuals slow loading speed. The larger the file, the slower the webpage loads. When you use a script or plug-in to decrease the visual’s file size, the loading speed dramatically increases.

Surprising Benefits of Optimizing your Visuals

Faster loading speeds represent just one of the many benefits you’ll encounter after you’ve optimized your images. Other benefits you’ll notice include:

  • Creating backups of your webpages takes less time
  • Optimized images use less server storage, which helps reduce your operating expenses
  • The combination of optimized images, faster loading speed, and a good SEO plugin results in a higher search engine ranking

You already know how important a high search engine ranking is. What you probably didn’t know is that by taking the time to properly optimize your visuals, you decrease the amount of time it takes to see your website rise to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). The faster-loading speed drastically reduces the length of time it takes for the web crawlers to inspect your pages, process the information, and assign a value to each page. By creating a system that makes it faster and easier for the web crawlers to collect information, you get better ranking and see a larger ROI for the newly updated SEO methods you implemented.

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