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Video Production And ROI

4 Ways Videos Increase Conversion Results

Our minds are designed to collect and analyze large amounts of visual information. In fact, 90% of the information our brains process come from our sense of sight. For this reason, pictures and visual text are often easier for us to understand, holds our attention longer, and elicits more emotional responses than other types of stimuli. Online marketers are using these facts to improve conversion rates and realize higher profits. How is that possible? Here are several reasons why you should add videos to your business’ website.

Hold Their Attention Longer

The internet is full of distractions. Flashing and shifting banners, pop-up ads, multicolored graphics, and links to other interesting content make it difficult for the average user to stay put for very long. Videos provide multi-sensory stimulation that captures visitors’ attention. This gives you more time to use your creative content to lock down the sale.

Keep your visitors on your site longer with interesting and relevant videos. The brain is programmed to pay attention to other people’s voices and faces. Videos stimulate this natural tendency, drawing us in and holding our attention. Of course, the longer visitors stay on your website, the more likely it is that they will complete a purchase.

What types of videos draw visitors in? Visual product descriptions, tutorials, and suggested ways to use your products or services are great ways to educate potential clients while convincing them that you have exactly what you need.

Distribute Information in an Easily Digestible Format

Terms of service, product instructions, even shipping and return policies are easier to understand when you put it in a video. Lay out the fine points of your business policies and philosophies in short videos to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of what you have to offer. Visual references also help potential buyers understand sizes and dimensions more accurately, which decreases accidental orders and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Keep informational videos short and sweet. Under 2 minutes works well for showcasing products and distributing key information. Show the product from multiple angles with a voiceover explaining the unique benefits or features. Keep your background and approach simple for best results.

Encourage Sharing to Increase Your Reach

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. In a recent HubSpot survey, 92% of marketers admitted that social media was an essential part of their strategy. Take advantage of these platforms to increase your visibility. Make your video content interesting enough to encourage visitors to want to share with their friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever platform you choose. Each share exposes your company’s name and products to a new audience, which positively impacts your lead generation and potential sales.

How do you make shareable content work for you? Lace your video’s narrative with multiple calls to action. Encourage the viewer to sign up for your newsletter, fill out a request for more information, or to take advantage of an existing promotion.

Increase Brand Recognition

Marketing often comes down to being in the right place at the right time. When a potential customer has a problem that your product can solve, you want to be the first name that comes to their mind. No matter how well written your copy is, your visitors’ brains are more likely to retain information gleaned from videos. Use videos to make sure they think of you before they shop.

Video content also helps you get to the top of search engines’ listings. Because videos are so highly sought after, search engines tend to prioritize this type of content for SEO purposes. This ensures that those in your area who are searching for solutions related to your business will find you before similar businesses with only text and photos on their websites.

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