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Video And Conversion Rate

Let’s Talk About Video – Come Learn How Video Impacts Conversion Rates with Prospects

While the world of content marketing used to exclusively apply to written formats like blogs and articles, the past ten or so years has seen a drastic alteration in the digital marketing sphere. This alteration came in the development of new, in-demand content formats like infographics, video, and podcasts — the most desirable choice being video.

Statistics on Video Marketing

To understand why video is the most important among new content formats one needs only to look at the facts. The following statistics were released by Hubspot via an infographic and will give you a solid understanding of just how powerful video marketing is:

  • Industry professionals predict video content will claim 80% or more of web traffic by 2019
  • Emails receive an increase of 200% to 300% in click through rates when videos are embedded in the body of their messages
  • Landing page conversions increase by as much as 80% when they include a video
  • A third or more of all time spent browsing the internet is now spent watching videos
  • Nearly 60% of those responsible for making company decisions prefer video over an article or blog post
  • 90% of customers say product videos help them make purchasing decisions
  • Almost 90% of digital marketers now include videos in their campaigns
  • 35% of all online ad spending is dedicating towards the production and sharing of videos

A survey taken of major online retailers noted that companies saw an increase in conversion ratings when they began using videos for marketing. Their conversion rating rose to as much as 9%, which means that of every 100 viewers, 9 ended up as customers.

But why do customers have such a strong preference towards video content?

Videos Are Remembered

It is much more likely that a customer will remember a video they watched the previous week versus a blog or article they read. This is because videos appeal to more senses. They also present information in a simple, easy to digest format.

Behind the scenes of video productionTargets Everyone

You may not realize this but there are people who choose not to read articles or blogs, because they don’t have a high reading proficiency. This doesn’t make them any less valuable if they fall within your target audience. Video content can allow those with reading difficulties to understand and relate to your message.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

More people than ever before are turning towards mobile devices for accessing the internet. Simultaneously, they are steering farther away from traditional desktop or laptops. Knowing this means you need to create content which translates well on mobile devices – and videos do just that.

At the same time, they do equally as well on traditional devices. Essentially, videos are automatically optimized for viewing on all potential devices and screens.

More Relatable Brand Stories

Your company’s brand story becomes hyper-realistic when presented through video. This is because you can present a relevant lifelike scenario to your customers with the way you solve the problem shown. Paired with complimentary audio, customers feel an emotional attachment to your story and thus, your brand.

Videos Go Viral

Of all potential content formats, videos have the highest marketability, because they have the highest rate of going viral. Experts estimate 92% of people currently consuming video content share it with others. This could be through social media, email, or even text messaging. That is a very high share rate in comparison to all other content formats.

These things combine to create a higher conversion rating for your company. Written content will always have a place in the world of digital marketing, but video is the chosen format of the current generation.

If you haven’t already begun allocating some of your time and resources towards the creation and distribution of videos you need to start now. Contact SocialSEO for all your video production digital marketing needs.