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Blog Title Tips

Blog Title Tips

When it comes to SEO, the importance of creating high-quality, engaging, relevant, and informative blog content cannot be understated. Creating blogs with answers to common questions users are searching brings in traffic and helps both these users and Google see your site as trustworthy and credible, and these blogs give you the opportunity to sprinkle in keywords and keyword phrases that you want to target, helping you rank higher for them. Additionally, blog content gives you more pages for search engines like Google to index, make it easier to acquire backlinks, and aid your internal interlinking efforts.

You put a lot of time and effort into creating blog content for these reasons, but how much do you spend coming up with a title? Probably not as much as you should. Without putting that same time and effort into the title of the blog, all that hard work you’ve put into writing your new blog and optimizing it for Google could be all for naught. A blog’s title is often what convinces a user to click on it, so without a great title, no one will read the post. Ensure this doesn’t happen to you by following our tips!

The Elements of a Great Blog Title

Blog Tips

Regardless of industry, topic, format, or length, every SEO blog title should include the primary keyword you’re targeting, a reason for a user to click on it, and a unique take on the subject matter.

Inserting keywords into a blog title shouldn’t be too difficult – just find the primary phrase you want to rank for and insert it where it makes sense. If you need some inspiration, just search the phrase and get some inspiration for the blogs that are currently ranking high for it.

When it comes to value, you need to put yourself in a user’s shoes and think about what they’re searching for, how your blog will help them find it, and whether or not the title of the blog conveys these things.

Blog titles don’t always need to have a unique angle, but it helps your blog stand out against the other posts you’re competing with on the SERP. We recommend searching the keyword you’re trying to rank for, taking note of the similarities between titles that rank, and coming up with a title that’s different enough to stand out but not too different to no longer seem relevant to the query.

Easy Blog Title Formulas

If you’re new to this kind of content optimization, or you’ve just got a mental block and can’t think of a good title for whatever reason, these formulas can help you quickly come up with SEO blog titles you can use.

Consistent, Compelling Content
  • Number list title
  • Examples:
    • 10 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas
    • 15 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now
    • 5 Signs You Need to Replace your Vacuum
  • The “ultimate guide” title
  • Examples
    • Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide to the Best-Selling Video Game in the World
    • The Ultimate Guide to Being a Dog Owner
    • The Ultimate Guide to French Cuisine
  • The “devil’s advocate” title
  • Examples:
    • Why “Follow Your Dreams” is Terrible Advice
    • Diet Soda is Worse for You: Here’s Why
    • Do You Really Need 8 Hours of Sleep?
  • “How to” title
  • Examples:
    • How to Change a Tire Quickly and Safely
    • How to Write an Effective Elevator Pitch
    • How to Cast a Fishing Rod and Other Tips for Beginners
  • This vs that title
  • Examples:
    • Coke vs Pepsi: The History of the World’s Biggest Soda Brands
    • Driving Safe in the Winter: Snow Tires vs Snow Chains
    • Guitar vs Banjo: What’s the Difference?
  • The answer with more to learn title
  • Examples:
    • The New Batman Movie is Great, and Here’s Why
    • The Great Wall of China is over 13,000 Feet Long – Here’s How it Was Built
    • 71% of the Earth’s Surface is Water, But How Much is That Really?
  • The “posing a question” title
  • Examples:
    • What is Cryptocurrency?
    • How Many MCU Movies are There (and in What Order Should You Watch Them)?
    • Why Do Cats Purr? And Answers to Other Common Questions about Cats
  • The “revealing secrets” title
  • Examples:
    • Secret SEO Tricks You Never Knew Before
    • Everything They Didn’t Teach You in Culinary School
    • Uncover the Truth Behind These Common Pet Behavior

There’s no way of getting around it – if you want to enjoy all the benefits of creating great blog content, you also need to know how to create great titles. But with so many other tasks that are essential to your digital marketing efforts, things like this might get left on the backburner. If you’re struggling to find the time for these things or just want to trust the experts because coming up with great SEO blog titles can be hard, contact SocialSEO today to learn about all the ways our content strategy services can help your business!

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