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2019 SEM Strategy

2019 PPC Strategies You’ll Want to Try

PPC in 2019: Valuable with Powerful New Features

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, continues to be refined by major search engines, offering advertisers a more and more personalized experience that reaches a narrow, specific market with their ads. Plenty of social media companies are also joining the PPC model, which means you have more audiences than ever, with more sophisticated algorithms connecting you to the right people, than ever before.

As PPC evolves, the ability to narrow one’s focus and generate fewer, highly qualified clicks makes PPC still an incredibly good deal. However, to get the most out of PPC, you have to optimize the entire buyer’s journey to shepherd new leads through to conversion.

5 Great Strategies to Implement

1) Plan and Optimize Your Conversion Strategy

It isn’t enough to just get the right people to click through to your site; you want those who click through to become qualified leads and make a purchase. For PPC to be at its most effective, you need a path for your customers:

  • The path begins with the carefully chosen ad copy in a search engine or social media page. It primes them to join the community of customers at your website.
  • The landing page where you send your traffic should be optimized to offer useful content while also offering an easy, clear way to purchase. There should also be some way to capture an email or schedule a demo if your product/service relies on this kind of contact. If they navigate away from your site, you should have a way to reach them in the future.
  • Make the purchase process so smooth and easy that there will be no moment to think twice.

In order to do this, go through the content of your ads, your landing pages, and your purchase process with a fine-toothed comb; are there any spots where you could streamline the process even further?

Helpful PPC Strategy2) Take Advantage of Retargeting

These days, one of the best ways to get a higher overall conversion rate is to use retargeting. When a customer considers a product on your site, these ads “follow” your user to banner and display ads on other sites, reminding them of the same product they had at least casually considered before. When you know, from survey data, that people take time to consider your products or services, creating retargeting campaigns can reap serious benefits.

3) Leverage Audiences in Campaigns

Keywords, while still a useful part of PPC strategy, have been augmented with the ability to select and target particular audiences. Search engine crawlers have a sophisticated method of understanding contexts and users now, which means that you can incorporate both keywords and audience data into your advertisement display choices. PPC that targets the audiences most receptive to your product or service will result in more valuable click-through and higher conversions.

4) Incorporate Automation Strategies in Your Campaign

Automation is becoming a more and more essential part of the PPC puzzle. You can still use your PPC campaign management knowledge, but more and more the strategies of testing your ads will be combining human ingenuity with powerful automation features that take your information and generate ideal ads for you. Do your homework and see if your third-party tools help ad performance, but more and more, the trend in 2019 is toward using the powerful Google automation tools to generate high-performing PPC.

5) Don’t Forget About Display

The text-only PPC is only one part of the strategy; display ads remind people of your logo, your product, and grab attention on a variety of levels rather than just as a search query answer. For the most effective targeting, work on a strategy that combines your PPC text ads with PPC display ads so that you don’t duplicate your effort, but every ad impression compounds your efforts for the customer to get excited.

Ready to get your 2019 PPC efforts off to a great start? Give SocialSEO a call today to speak with a knowledgeable digital marketing consultant to improve your paid Google ads strategy.

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