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Google’s Amazing Remarketing Tool

Fishing for new customers is one of the great challenges in business, but if you can double your chances of landing that big catch, wouldn’t you take that opportunity.

Google’s amazing remarketing tool offers you exactly that scenario by casting your line toward potential customers who already have visited your website or mobile app.

How Remarketing Works

By simply adding a Google Ads tag to your website, you’ll be able to set up campaigns to target display advertising toward people who have visited your website, who have visited certain product pages or who started to shop but bailed before completing their purchase.

These ads can be targeted to consumers as they browse the Internet through Google’s vast Display Network, which covers some 2 million websites or nearly 92 percent of the web, or as they search for similar products. For instance, if you sell fishing lures and a customer has visited your website, you can target ads toward that customer while he or she is watching their favorite fishing videos on YouTube or even if they are just visiting news sites to read about the president’s latest twitter rants. Wherever they browse on their computer or phone, your company’s ads can be right there with them.

Google recommends you start your campaign by targeting every consumer who visits your home page, but this could get rather costly. By narrowing the parameters for your targeted remarketing, you can get more return for your dollar by focusing on consumers who were seemingly more vested in your site. For instance, you can target customers who visited your fly-fishing lures as long as the phrase “fly-fishing” appears in the url for those types of lures.

You can further enhance your advertising by targeting consumers who have purchased with you previously, offering them a discount or free shipping for a return visit.

Why Remarketing Works

Diagram of Google RemarketingRemarketing, also known as retargeting, works effectively on several fronts:

  • Motivated clients: These customers already have shown an interest in your product or service by previously visiting your site. Astonishingly, 70 percent of site visitors who come through a remarketing ad are likely to convert.
  • Brand awareness: By repeated exposure to your brand, customers gain a sense of trust about your brand. A comScore study found an astounding 1,046 percent increase in brand searches after a retargeting campaign, plus a 726 percent boost in site visits after a four-week remarketing campaign.
  • Welcome back: Customers know you appreciate their consideration of your company, even if they did not purchase. Customers who abandoned a shopping cart returned 26 percent of the time to complete the purchase when targeted by a remarketing campaign, whereas only 8 percent return without remarketing.

What Does Remarketing Cost?

The cost of a Google Remarketing campaign will vary greatly from industry to industry and strategy to strategy, but it still can be among the most effective online marketing your company will employ. Click-through rates on retargeting ads are 0.7 percent, 10 times higher than the normal click-through rate of 0.07 percent on online ads.

Search ads in highly competitive markets can run to several dollars per click-through, whereas remarketing display ads can be half those rates or even as low as 1 percent of those rates. Google allows you to control that cost through automated bidding in its ad auction service.

Banner and display ads also are easy to create through Google’s Ad gallery to target specific customers.

Before you cast a wide net through online advertising to attract new customers to your business, talk with the Google remarketing experts at SocialSEO about how the Google Remarketing Tool can be leveraged to attract consumers who already are interested in your business.