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Digital Footprint Analysis: How to Improve Your Digital Footprint for Better Results

Digital marketing is a low-cost, effective, and flexible way to get your products and services in front of potential buyers. How can business owners make the most of their digital footprint? Here are some methods you can use to analyze your brand’s online presence and ideas on adjusting your strategies for maximum impact.

Define Digital Footprint

What are the major components of my businessdigital footprint?

Your business’ digital footprint is the collection of information, blog posts, social media pages, websites, videos, user comments, and reviews about your brand that exist on the internet. Your digital footprint is a trail that internet users can follow when looking for solutions to their problems. It also contains the information shoppers use to decide if they want to spend their dollars with a particular business.

A few of these components are beyond your control. For example, you can’t control what someone posts about an experience they have with one of your employees or products. However, you can make a big impact on how others see your business online.

Your Digital Footprint Analysis

The first step to creating a strong and effective digital presence is analysis. Answer these questions to gain valuable insight into your online marketing strategies:

  • Digital FootprintWhat are the major components of my digital footprint? The easiest way to find this answer is to put your business name into a major search engine. Look at the first page of results. Is your own website one of the first results or is the page filled with review sites and social media pages?
  • How is my business represented on the internet? Take a look at a few of the 3rd party sites that mention your business. Are your ratings good? What do customers say?
  • Is my message consistent? Do your blogs, web pages, and advertisements all say the same thing? Is there old or incorrect information in circulation?
  • Does my digital footprint show my business in the best possible way? Use this step to define what it is you want internet browsers to see when they encounter your brand’s name. Does your current online presence support that?
  • Is my metric-tracking method working? If you aren’t collecting data on what your customers are doing, you’re missing out on some huge opportunities. Fine tune your data collection and analysis routines to get the most out of every online campaign.

These questions help you define what potential customers see when they find your business on the internet. The next steps show you how to shape that picture and improve your digital footprint into a flattering vision.

How to Improve and Manage Your Digital Footprint

Incorporate these techniques in your regular marketing duties to improve your business’ digital footprint and increase conversion rates:

  • Regularly check for reviews on 3rd party sites. Respond politely and professionally to each comment. If the comment is a complaint, provide your customer service information. Try to resolve legitimate complaints and ask customers to update their review if you’re successful.
  • Narrow your social media focus to the platforms most used by your ideal consumers and the resources you have available. This gives you the ability to concentrate on creating unique, interesting, and useful content. Find out which social media sites your potential customers like the best, then concentrate on those.
  • Create a content strategy. How often will you post new videos, blogs, and posts? What voice will you use to convey your message? Make a plan based on what you hope to achieve with your social media campaigns.
  • Look for opportunities to share your message with new people. Consider writing guest blogs for other websites, creating a video channel, or partnering with online influencers to get your products and services in front of a larger audience.

Be proactive about your business’ digital footprint to ensure your brand is always seen in a positive light and achieve better results from your internet marketing efforts. Contact the SEO experts at SocialSEO to maximize your digital marketing footprint today!