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AMP Pages To Join Google's Organic Search Results

Get AMPed! Google to Roll out AMP Pages into Organic Results

AMP Pages to Join Google’s Organic Search Results

You may have heard of Google’s new initiative in further increasing page speed: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). They are already being included in the search results for news articles and blog posts, but have not been allowed to mingle with the standard organic search results. That will be changing soon because Google will be letting them out to play with the organic results for mobile users in the near future.

What is an AMP Page?

Simply put, an AMP Page is a stripped down version of a webpage that is intended to load incredibly fast with page load speeds under one second – “Diet HTML” if you will. Many aspects of a page are not allowed on an AMP page such as Javascript and contact forms. Javascript has many uses on a website such as changing appearance on the fly, allowing basic automation of items on the page, and increase interactivity for the user.

This no Javascript rule also includes Google Analytics which much be implemented through a new JSON-LD code. JSON-LD is the only Javascript allowed on an AMP page and is commonly used for structured data markup to help point out important information to search engines. However, you can embed audio, video, images, and iframes into an AMP page with no issues whatsoever.

Why Should I Make an AMP Page?

Website Loading SpeedGoogle has not revealed if AMP pages specifically will be given the upper hand in organic rankings much like mobile friendly sites have received recently. However, speed is becoming more and more important as an SEO ranking factor and these lightning fast pages have that requirement down to a T.

We have gotten a sneak peek into what these pages will look like in the organic results. They will be marked by a lightning bolt with “AMP” next to them, as shown in this example from! Search Engine Journal.

Very seldom does Google give us a hint into what is coming in future updates. They are putting a lot of effort into AMP and giving sites plenty of notice to get with the times and create these speedy assets. The moral of the story is to be ahead of the curve and get AMPed before it becomes the norm. This is the perfect opportunity to AMPlify your product pages, services, recipes, travel pages and blogs! Check out The AMP Project for all things AMP!

If you want some help with creating your very own AMP pages, contact SocialSEO today!