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3 Ways to Improve Organic Search Visibility with Social Media Marketing

The connection between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing is becoming more apparent as time goes on.  Starting as completely separate entities, SEO and social media weren’t even thought of as a striving pair, but now it’s hard for one to live without the other.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing overall website traffic by ensuring it ranks well in search engines.  Many factors go into developing a successful SEO campaign, but the incorporation of social media never used to be one of them, until now.  Many factors go into increasing overall organic search visibility with social media marketing, but we will just cover a few important ones.

Social Profile OptimizationSocial Media Optimization

Optimizing your website for SEO is one thing, but this can also be done on your social media platforms.  Ensure your profile is filled out to capacity with up-to-date short and long descriptions that include your targeted keyword phrases, choose the right business category for the platform, link back to your website and other social media platforms, as well as detail your current hours of operation and an accurate business address. By incorporating a well-defined social profile more people are likely to find you, not only in the search engines, but in social search engines as well.

Here are some additional tips for optimizing your social media platforms.

Quality Content Optimization

As Google and Twitter’s relationship grows and your Tweets begin to show up in the search engine, the content that you put forth desires uniqueness and value. Optimizing your blogs and social media posts to incorporate targeted keyword phrases, links and relevant hashtags can help boost your brand authority, audience following, and website strength.

Living in an age of content overload, it is important that your content flows with your brand voice and is engaging and informative.  Ask yourself this:

  • Does my content relate to my industry?
  • Does my content contain engaging & useful information?
  • Does my content offer anything new to my audience?

With less than 6% of your audience actually seeing your content on Facebook, due to their algorithm, ensuring that the content is all of those items listed above will put you ahead of the curve and will assist in obtaining more unique engagement on your posts.  Click here for more information on post optimization.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is the new way of link building with social media, and it also is driven by quality optimized content & posts.  Link building for SEO has been important for many years as it helps grow the strength of your website.  By obtaining valuable links from other strong websites to yours helps boost your search visibility.

Social sharing aids searches engines, like Google, to validate your brand due to verifiable external sources pointing to your website and then increasing domain authority.  Encouraging social sharing can be more easily accomplished when your posts offer an incentive.  Proposing a reward or special service offering for your audience to share your post can make all the difference.  Social sharing is going to be one of the strongest factors when it comes to help organic search visibility, but likes, favorites, replies and retweets all count as well.

Social Media Marketing

The 3 ways listed above will all help to improve your organic search visibility.  The social media experts at SocialSEO develop in-depth posting strategies in conjunction with your current content marketing strategy to ensure what is being posted gets the most visibility and will grab your audiences attention to point them to your website. This in turn generates more leads and traffic to your website.  For more information on the social media management services that we offer, contact the social media specialists for a FREE quote.