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Adwords Layout Redesign

New AdWords Design

New AdWords Layout Gives the Program a Facelift

Google’s AdWords is over 15 years old and the legacy program is getting a makeover. The primary catalysts for the project is to address advertiser’s concerns that AdWords was becoming more product and feature focused than about serving the needs and objectives of marketers. Other concerns included the plethora of features added yearly that made the site clunky and not user friendly, and the overall site was dated.

In Google’s words, “AdWords should be more about your business, and less about the product.” This is encouraging for AdWords users. The effort is aimed toward allowing for a more customizable product personalizing the experience and highlighting relevance. The understanding is an increase in new options for managing campaigns and organizing information will make the tool more intuitive and efficient to use.

To make the site easier to navigate, only relevant navigation will appear on pages – more of a tailored dashboard or interface. For example, if the advertiser does not run video, there will not be a “video” tab. Further, if a user is looking at a display campaign that does not have keywords, there will not be a “keywords” tab.

As the platform is feature rich, the aim here is to simplify the user experience. Building on this is navigation functionality. Primary and secondary navigation will run parallel to one another on the left hand side of the screen, with feature specific snapshots and dashboards available to analyze and manage campaigns. This snapshot will give the user a comprehensive view of what is happening in the account, minimizing clicks and increasing workflow efficiency managing each campaign.

New Google AdWords Layout

With an enhanced graphical user interface, advertisers will be able to track the evolution of their campaign’s clicks and conversions over a specified period of time, an improvement over the current features. This benefits both the novice and the experienced AdWords advertiser.

In this cross-platform information gathering world this redesign is also aimed at accommodating the shift is user platform from desktop computers to smartphone and tablets. With the intent to make data access seamless across different platforms, those that work on multiple platforms will find it simpler to manage their campaigns in the office and on the go.

A well needed change focused on ease of use, intuitive management and reporting features, and cross-platform compatibility, AdWords plans to have the redesign completely rolled out by the end of 2017. Over the next 12 to 18 months parts of the redesign will be rolled out to select advertisers for testing and feedback on the new capabilities. There will not be a beta version, rather big and small advertisers will be picked from the wide spectrum of users with the aim of effectively and directly addressing user needs across the board.

With revenue from AdWords in the $70 billion range, Google is taking the needs of advertisers seriously. By taking action and organizing the heavily relied upon management tool to present its content in a more efficient manner, AdWords furthers its value to advertisers and makes their job easier. If your business is looking to hire a professional online paid advertisement company, check out the team at SocialSEO today!