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Why Digital Marketing Beats Maintaining The Status Quo

When a potential client says that they are okay with the way that things are, this is an understandable sentiment. They may have a great website and a booming business. On the other hand, even businesses that already have a great website at their disposal can still benefit from shaking up the status quo.

Digital Marketing Website design and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand, and they always have. When it comes to these aspects of digital marketing, our job is never done. These processes change and shift in ways that businesses are not always aware of. That is why it is not always okay to assume that things are fine the way they are.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common issues that come up when the status quo has been maintained for a bit too long. Optimizing a site (and making sure that it remains optimized) is a key aspect of any successful digital marketing campaign.

Lack of Image Optimization

Using the proper imagery is a great way to lure customers in. The average consumer is far more likely to be attracted to colorful visuals when they are in the process of browsing. However, a business must make sure that their images are being properly optimized in order to gain continuous results.

When you perform a Google search, a number of images will come up. For example, if you are selling a certain item and you would like to make inroads with your target audience, the images on your page should come up on the first page of the results. If not, this is a sign that changes need to be made.

Has the image been properly named? Is it properly sized? Digital marketing campaigns may be providing a certain level of success, but if image optimization is not taking place, this could keep your campaign from being as healthy as you would like to believe it is.

Duplicated Content

Duplicate content is another common problem that keeps a digital marketing campaign from producing the results that it should. In the majority of instances, it takes place in an accidental manner. As for Google, the intentions of the web developers are not always considered. Duplicate content, intentional or unintentional, results in a lower search engine ranking.

All it takes is a simple search engine optimization audit to find out more about any content related issues that might be taking place. Similar businesses can often end up sharing content without even realizing it, and this is something that needs to be addressed in order for a business to transcend the current status quo.

Excessive Use of Keywords

Even a healthy website can suffer from keyword cannibalization. For example, are there multiple pages on the same website that are targeting the same keywords? If so, this is an area that needs to be addressed so that a digital marketing campaign can achieve all of the chosen objectives.

A site should always have the ability to strongly target certain terms. Businesses with sites that are performing in the proper manner will still benefit from taking the time to make sure that they are not engaging in this practice. A site can be carefully planned and designed, yet these sorts of issues will remain.

Standing pat is how businesses fall behind. Being proactive is always in your best interests, even when your site is already great. Digital marketing leads to the necessary changes that allow a business to triumph over the long haul. The rules and regulations of site optimization change on a constant basis. The best businesses are those who are willing to ask for the proper advice and embrace change.

For more information on how a professionally planned digital marketing strategy can benefit your business please contact SocialSEO.