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Where Does Your Business Belong on Social Media?

The ever-changing world of technology has made social media a significant business tool in our lives. With over 1.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone; Social media is clearly a great way businesses can reach their target market. Whether we are checking in on relatives that live far away, messaging old college friends, or even posting pictures of your most recent vacation; business still have access to our newsfeeds, and most importantly… our attention.

“Popular social platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses valuable data about their customers and a (mostly) free way to reach them. The jury has spoken: social media for business is no longer optional.”

Emily Copp

Businesses can use Social Media in many ways to accomplish their goals, but not all social media platforms fit your business. To maximize ROI and effectively use Social Media Platforms it is CRITCAL to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who am I?
    • Who are you? Your company’s brand needs to be consistent across all public platforms. It is important that the brand is clear and thoughtful. How will you expect people to recognize who you are if you don’t even know!
  • What do I have to offer?
    • What products/services do you provide? What you offer needs to be socially tangible. If your customer can’t understand what you offer or you do not have images/videos it is very difficult to generate engagement/awareness. Social Media is EXTREMELY visual.
  • Who is my audience?
    • This is one of the most IMPORTANT parts of finding out where you belong on Social Media. Who is your product/service for? You must clearly define your target market before engaging in any paid social media advertising. Having a defined target market will ensure that your advertising dollars are spent in the most effective way. Knowing specific Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors is extremely beneficial.
  • Where is my audience?
    • Once you have defined your audience you must find where your business can find them. Below is a guide to were your business can fit into major Social Media platforms.
      • Facebook – Everyone (B2C/B2B)
      • Pinterest – Ecommerce, fashion, photographers, jewelers, DIY (B2C)
      • Twitter – Brands, News Organizations, Customer Service (B2C/B2B)
      • Instagram – Restaurants, Food, clothing/fashion, technology, designers, etc. (B2C)
      • G+ – Tech, engineering & marketing companies (B2C/B2B)
      • LinkedIn – Business Minded Professionals (B2B/B2C)
    • Is my website prepared?
      • Website preparation is necessary for a successful Social Media advertising campaign. Most paid advertisements will go directly to your website when clicked. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is clear, easy to navigate, and your products/services are easy to view. This will maximize your efforts to get conversions.
      • Another important factor to take into consideration when preparing your website is making sure it is mobile friendly. Nearly 80% of social media time is on mobile devices.

If you have clear, and complete answers to these questions then you should seriously consider your business on Social Media. It is a fast and effective way to generate traffic, engage with your customers, and build brand awareness (if done properly). Visit to learn more about Social Media, SEO, and Pay Per Click services!