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Geo Targeting Prospects

What You Need to Know About Geo Targeting Prospects in Your Market

In the current marketing world, where so much of marketing takes place on the internet, one factor that is providing high ROI is geotargeting. Geotargeting delivers area-specific content or ads to appeal to local audiences. While it has certainly proven effective for local businesses, it can also be a very useful tool for larger businesses serving clients all over the country and even the globe. In this blog post, we will break down what you need to know about geotargeting so that if your business isn’t already taking advantage of this tool, they can start right away.

PPC Advertising is Growing Up

The online marketing realm is an ever-changing one. The simple pay-per-click advertising model, honing in on potential leads based on keywords, is becoming more sophisticated. While Google can’t precisely pinpoint the ideal customer, they can try to focus on user intent. So when someone searches for “golf clubs” in their web browser, are they looking to buy some new clubs or perhaps just doing some research? Which searches are going to turn into a sale?

Geo Targeting StrategyThis is where geotargeting can make a big difference in creating a lead. People make a stronger connection to an ad that seems attached to their community. For example, a large sporting goods store like Dick’s can make national ad campaigns and pay to have ads displayed when someone Google searches “golf clubs.” But if their ad has something to do with “best golf club prices in Denver” then people tend to tune in a little more, even though they are aware Dick’s is a national chain.

So whether you are a local business wanting to make local customers aware of your existence or a national company looking to tap into local markets, geotargeting offers a considerable advantage.

How to Geo Target Effectively

To run a successful geotargeting campaign, there are a few things you need to know.

Do Your Local Research

Say your business wants to target young professionals in Atlanta. Identifying local hotspots and advertising to people who went there and posted about it on social media is a great way to create more conversions. You can even get more specific than that. If there is a local trade show for something in your field, you can use geotargeting to advertise to those who went to that trade show or conference.

Create “Geo Fences”

Geotargeting still needs to be intentional to be effective. You can be more intentional with your ad money if you take note of areas with a high population density and create a fence so as not to advertise outside that area. You can also consider local competitors and their locations. For example, a local gym may not want to waste money advertising to consumers that live directly next to another local gym. Drawing your fence to exclude the areas closest to your competitors could save you money and help create more conversions.

Consider Your Platforms

If you have a limited marketing budget, or even if you don’t, it’s wise to consider which social media or other platforms to use for advertising. If your target market is seniors, don’t waste your money marketing on Instagram or Twitter. You are more likely to find seniors using Facebook. Or if your target market is educated professionals, LinkedIn may be a good choice for you.

Let Geotargeting Take Your Business to the Next Level

Geotargeting is such a valuable marketing tool and one that is becoming more popular when searching. If you need help with your advertising efforts, especially when it comes to geotargeting, we would love to be in your corner at SocialSEO. We can put your content in front of the eyes of local customers who want and need your goods and services. Contact out Geotargeting SEO Professionals today!