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Investing Time In Digital Marketing

Too Busy for Digital Marketing? 3 Ways to Free Up Time

Business owners wear many hats. From front desk duties to inventory and supplies management, you are ultimately responsible for every aspect of your daily operations. You may have considered adding digital marketing to your advertising efforts but don’t believe you can carve out the time in your busy schedule. A good digital marketing plan does require a healthy time investment, but the returns are well worth it. Here are some ways you can clear some items off of your desk to make room for a digital marketing campaign.

Raise Your Prices

Cost of ServicesAre you really making what you’re worth? Entrepreneurs, especially those that offer personal services, are prone to underpricing. If demand for your products and services is making it difficult for you to find the time to improve your business, try raising your prices. Those who really want or need your services are willing to pay more for high-quality delivery.

Raising your prices also allows you to put all of your energy into each service or product. Ditch the introductory specials so you can focus on delivering superior service. For existing customers, allow them to continue paying the prices they are used to for a short period of time. Use that time to convince them of the unique value of your services. However, it may be to your advantage to simply release clients who are unhappy with the rate change. This will allow you to free up time in your schedule to work on your digital marketing campaigns and service higher-paying new clients.

Choose Clients Carefully

Are you spending too much time with certain clients? It’s true that providing excellent service means being willing to go above and beyond for your clients. However, clients with difficult needs or unrealistic expectations drain your time and energy and make it impossible to provide the same exceptional service to your other clients. Once you raise your rates, rethink your client list. Are there any whose demands outweigh the potential profits? Notify these clients with a letter written in a professional tone that you will no longer be able to serve them. Provide a final date of service, so they have time to plan for a replacement.

If you can’t imagine releasing a client, create different packages for your offerings that include special services. Make the little complimentary services you previously offered for free an official part of the bill. When clients object, simply explain that these services are more in demand and that these packages make them more affordable for everyone. Those who are just looking for freebies will fall away on their own, leaving you more time for that digital marketing campaign.

Share Your Good Fortune

Client RelationshipCompetition is the rule of business. However, cooperation can be more profitable for all parties. If you simply can’t find the time to devote to your marketing efforts, think about referring some of your customers to a friend or colleague. Your friend will gain a new, possibly long-term customer, your client will develop a newfound respect for your honesty and dedication to their needs, and you will earn some time to develop your online marketing strategies.

Of course, you don’t want to send your clients to just anyone. Make sure you’re referring them to someone who is knowledgeable, competent, and able to deliver a similar quality of service to your own. Talk to the business owner first to let them know you may be sending clients their way. You may even consider working with the other business to make common workloads easier. Collaboration saves time, money, and frustration for everyone.

A digital marketing campaign is a great way to increase your customer base, educate the public about your products and services, and increase brand recognition. Use these tips to ensure you have plenty of time in your day to work on your next campaign.

Need more ideas on ways to make room for digital marketing? Talk to the digital marketing experts at SocialSEO for a more personalized approach to your digital marketing concerns.