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In-house Vs. The Agency Model

The Pros and Cons of In-House Digital Marketing vs. the Agency Model

If you have been looking for either an in-house marketing specialist or a marketing agency to help promote your company, you have likely witnessed there is no shortage of marketing professionals and various agency options out there for you to consider. With all of the marketing options out there, how can you choose the best one for your business? There are a few pros and cons of in-house digital marketing versus hiring an agency to do your digital marketing, and it is important to consider both sides before choosing your company’s digital marketing direction.

In-House Digital Marketing


One of the biggest pros of in-house marketing is the convenience. Businesses like to have someone in the marketing department just waiting to pick up any task that comes up. Another advantage is that someone who works for the company is going to know the business very well without having to do a ton of research to make Social Media or blog posts, choose the best keywords for SEO, etc.


Hiring the right marketing professionals can be very difficult. Many digital marketers have an area of expertise and are very specialized. To find a well-rounded marketing professional that is up to every task you have for them is difficult. To hire multiple marketing professionals with different skills (think digital marketer, social media manager, content writer, web designer, etc.) may not make sense financially, depending on the budget your business has for marketing. Not only that, but if you have a smaller business, you may not have enough work to keep a marketer busy yet are paying them a salary just to make sure you have marketing help when you need it.

The Agency Model


For most businesses, the agency model makes more sense. The cost is much less than paying for salaries and benefits of multiple marketing professionals. Using a marketing agency allows you access to a whole team of professionals with skill sets all across the spectrum of digital marketing and you can tackle the initiatives you want when you need to rather than based off your employee’s availability. The solution is as scalable as your needs are. Pay by the job or find a monthly contract that works for your business.

Another big advantage to working with an digital marketing agency is that the professionals there work with multiple clients and see a lot of different industries, so they can think outside of the box, provide you with fresh content, and avoid the paralysis that can sometimes happen from being too close to the brand, products, and services.


Perhaps the most daunting disadvantage to using an agency is finding the right one. It may seem hard to tell just from looking at websites which agency is really going to meet your needs and if the people working there are truly marketing masters or just people trying to make a quick buck on the internet. You should not be afraid to speak to an agency and get a better feel for what they offer and how they can specifically help your business. You are trusting someone else with part of your business. It is worth the time to do your due diligence and find a partner you can trust.

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