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Seo For The President

SEO for Presidents: A Digital Marketing Analysis, Prepared for Donald J Trump

Hello, Mr. President! Welcome to SocialSEO. We noticed that you tweeted about Google yesterday, a subject matter we are pretty familiar with. Within the tweet, you theorized that Google’s own search results were biased against your brand.

Donald Trump Tweet Fake News

If you are interested in being more visible when someone searches for “Trump News”, we have some good news! You have more power than you may believe in this department, and you won’t need to sign an Executive Action of any sort. You merely need to do some simple SEO on your site to help with these rankings. In fact, we get into some pretty specific detail within our Digital Marketing Analysis that we performed for The White House website to help you get started. We normally charge for this sort of thing, but don’t worry… this one is on the house!

Digital Marketing Analysis – The White House

You see, in its most simple definition, a search engine is designed to answer questions. Whether you are looking for current approval ratings or updates on the score of the Patriots game, you put in something you want to know more about, and Google will respond with what it believes is the most relevant, accurate answer for the specific query. What we do as SEOs is help make your website the best possible answer for the most applicable questions as possible.

These questions are also called keywords, what you enter into Google. Our job begins with researching keywords, finding out what your most likely users are already searching for online. Once we understand what people are looking for, we want to help satisfy their intent, or the reason they’re performing a search. For example, if someone is searching “Trump News”, they likely want to learn more about the minute-to-minute goings-on of your administration. Armed with the keywords we know people are searching for, we can utilize several different tactics to make your content better satisfy what users are looking for. If someone is searching for information regarding unemployment rates for the month, but your article is not optimized for phrases such as “Unemployment Rate June 2018”, you won’t rank as high up on the page as you may like.

This is what people are doing on other sites that publish recent news articles. CNN, MSNBC, even Fox and Drudge Report all utilize these strategies to help their content rank above yours. By ignoring these strategies, you may be inadvertently targeting phrases you don’t want to, or making it harder than necessary for Google to find your site and have users seeing what you want them to. There are also other matters such as site structure, accessibility, backlink profile… but we get into that in the Analysis.

We hope this helped, Mr. President! Please review the Analysis above at your earliest convenience, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact one of our specialists at (719) 725-6400, or Contact Us and we can get a conversation started. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day, and God Bless America!