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Digital Marketing For All Generations

How You Should Be Tailoring Your Marketing for Each Generation

To determine your marketing strategy is to understand your audience. This may seem like a simple statement, but it really isn’t. In today’s world, there are far more choices of where to market and each generation sees things differently. What is attractive to a millennial may be ignored by a baby boomer, or never even seen. You not only have to tailor the content but where you are going to place it.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one generation, however. For example, let’s say your business is toddler and baby clothes. Your primary audience would most likely be Generation X’ers and Millennials, but grandparents may have more dollars to spend, so you also want to attract Baby Boomers. You will need to analyze where your marketing budget is best spent on any particular product line, and at any specific time of the year.

Marketing to Boomers

Baby Boomers, those born after WWII and into the mid-’60s, undoubtedly have the largest checking accounts, and they are willing to use them, albeit thoughtfully. Whether retired or still working, boomers will often spend money on their families more than themselves, but they think before they leap. They are often very thrifty.

Boomers still read the newspaper and magazines. They listen to the radio and glance up at billboards, and they watch network TV. They also use the internet, but more reservedly than younger generations, and usually don’t spend much time with social media other than Facebook. When attracting Boomers to buy, Facebook and emails are the prime SEO markets.

Family Ties

Marketing to All GenerationsGeneration X’ers are busy. These 40- to 60-year-olds are raising families while keeping track of mom and dad, and most of them have day jobs. They understand the internet where they follow the news and are willing to read an entire article. They, too, follow friends on Facebook but also connect with peers on LinkedIn. They are educated and don’t fall for advertising traps.

Again, subtle Facebook ads can be a key part of advertising to this generation as well as mass email campaigns. They will buy for their children, or for the whole family.

Those Born Around the Turn of the Century

Millennials, currently in their 20s to mid-30s, are seeing the beginnings of adulthood. They either recently finished college or are well into their decided career. They grew up with computers, the internet, and the evolution of cell phones and depend on their technology for their daily lives. Millennials understand and use all forms of social media.

As such, marketing to millennials is an internet affair and should be broad among social media outlets dependent upon the product. Gone are the days of print advertising for this group, although radio campaigns could still be beneficial. They generally watch cable TV. Oh, and they’ll purchase almost anything for their dogs.

The Youngins

The youngest spenders are in Generation Z who honestly don’t yet have much to spend, but their parents might. These high-schoolers and tweeners see something they want, and they want it now! Most of what they see comes from social media or what a friend is interested in.

When addressing the Generation Z crowd, you want to focus on what will be noticed by them and where. Think content in all forms of social media! But you’ll need to provide information about your product in a way their parents understand, too. This can be a difficult line to walk.

For any small business to take aim at the proper generational market for its products, it will need to use and follow SEO content guidelines. That’s where SocialSEO comes in. We will study and evaluate your SEO to see where your biggest draw has been and where you are lagging. We understand the data because we work with it on a daily basis. And, we can also help with content creation.

When you are ready to up your game with how the internet can help meet generational marketing for your business, call upon the experts at SocialSEO. We’ll aid in your growth potential through our expertise in online presence. Contact the digital marketing experts today at SocialSEO.

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