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How To Write Great Blog Post Titles

How to Write Great Blog Post Titles

Writing great blog post titles is a core part of your content marketing strategy. The average reader is using your title to scan and see if the blog post is offering them the information they are looking for. To many readers, a well written, clear title is what sells them on the rest of the post. When a title is not written well because it is confusing, boring, or uninformative, readers will navigate back to the results page and find a different blog post. Yes, it would be wonderful to only be evaluated by the full picture, but the title simply matters most.

How to Write Great Blog Post Titles

Author Gail Carson Levine once stated, “The best way to write better is to write more.” While this may not be true for every aspect of writing, it is absolutely true for blog post titles. One of the best ways to improve blog post title writing is to come up with several title possibilities for each blog post. Does this seem excessive? It shouldn’t! Two important things happen when you aim for many titles: one, you keep turning the topic over in your head, generating better and better versions of your topic, and two, you will probably brainstorm at least one or two post titles that aren’t quite right, but might make excellent new blog posts!

Innovative Thinking Gets You to Great Blog Post Titles

Putting in the time and effort is one of the most important steps to writing great blog post titles. To get the beginning “kernel” of the title, focus on your keywords: if you have three key terms or concepts in the article, how can you summarize them, give a teaser to introduce them, or include one or more of them in the title itself? 

Another way to frame titles is to ask yourself, “What does a reader want to learn from this blog?” When you consider that question, you may find it easier to drill down to the most important aspect to include in the title. Finally, focus on strong verbs: using action verbs can make the title more interesting. 

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