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Industry Specific Marketing On SEO

How Industry-Specific Marketing Agencies Can Limit Your SEO Results

SocialSEO- The Masters of Many Markets

One of the misconceptions we run into from time to time, frequently from high-tech or specialty “niche industry” organizations, is that they believe an “industry-specific” marketing specialist is necessary to achieve satisfactory SEO results in their respective fields. In today’s search engine-driven business environment, nothing could be further from the truth.

You don’t need an industry specialist. You do need an SEO marketing specialist, and beyond that, you need a digital marketing team with comprehensive knowledge and the technical and human resources to keep your organization up to speed in an ever-changing, demanding digital business environment. Let’s look at one example.

Say you’re a residential plumbing company looking to expand services from local to nationwide. You’ll need a National SEO specialist more than you’ll need an agency which can provide accurate blog content about plumbing fixtures and pipe threads. While that educational content may be perfect for attracting new customers, your industry-specific agency also needs the know-how to get that post noticed in the hard-to-rank and highly competitive National SEO market.

Web Design and SEO ServicesWhile the specialist plumbing industry agency may excel at specific content marketing techniques, will they have the expertise to get your new business franchises into the local Google Maps listings nationwide? Do they have the marketing savvy to leverage social media in a way that drives customers to pick up the phone and post reviews? Most importantly, have they developed successful proprietary processes which have been proven for over 20 years in an enormous variety of marketing environments? Probably not.

The brave new world of digital marketing is one of analysis, trends, search engine algorithms, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. The advantage goes to the marketing team with the broadest range of experience and first-hand knowledge of the digital marketing strategies which are most effective across the vast range of products, services, and industries.

While an industry-specific agency may be able to provide relevant technical content for their narrow scope niche, they frequently lack the resources to develop the broader SEO strategies that can help a company position itself competitively, authoritatively, and profitably in a demanding B2B environment. By limiting their market scope they limit the range of vital digital market experience which is so critical in developing effective SEO, social media, and e-commerce strategies.

Successful SEO: You Need to See the Forest and the Trees

An industry-specific approach which focuses on the individual “technical trees” of a business can too often lead to the company’s digital marketing campaign being swallowed up by the vast search engine forest. First-class technical content and user-friendly websites aren’t of much use if an agency lacks the digital marketing savvy to drive traffic, build authority, and increase leads and conversions from the broader online marketplace.

The smaller “industry-specific” agencies which focus on narrower markets may also have proportionally narrower talent pools to draw from. On the other hand, an “SEO Specific” agency such as SocialSEO can access the expanded resources and talent pool which comes from representing clients in all the various marketplaces across the board. This is why companies in such diversified industries from Jaguar to LearningRX, and Ace Hardware to The Mining Exchange, all rely on the equally diversified expertise of SocialSEO for effective digital marketing strategies. These industry leaders rely on SocialSEO to achieve their goals including:

  • Increasing search engine ranking and visibility
  • Growing the customer base
  • Leveraging social media to establish credibility and industry authority
  • Increasing profit with increased targeted traffic and conversions

About SocialSEO- The Digital Marketing Masters

To accomplish those goals, you need experience and the hard-earned knowledge of the SEO techniques which are most effective. SocialSEO has developed effective SEO strategies for industries, organizations, and enterprises across the board for over twenty years, and we know what works as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

While industries vary, the fundamentals of digital marketing operate equally for them all, and staying ahead of the continuously evolving ranking parameters requires a comprehensive team effort and applied SEO experience that a small industry-specific agency may not have the resources to provide. When you’re ready to take your enterprise to the next level with proven digital strategies that work, don’t hesitate to contact our SEO industry professionals ASAP.