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Not Getting What You Need With AdWords Pay-Per-Click? Expand Your Reach With BingAds.

Not Getting What You Need with AdWords Pay-Per-Click? Expand Your Reach with BingAds.

When we think of pay-per-click advertising most of our minds and our wallets turn to Google AdWords.  The term “to google” is now a listed verb in the dictionary.  Although Google has done such a great job of inserting itself into everyday society, advertisers may not get exactly the return they expected.  1 in 5 searchers are now Bing Searchers according to recent comScore numbers.  On average these searchers are 35 years of age or older with more disposable income.  This demographic is considered ideal for pay-per-click advertisements as they are a firm audience.  This doesn’t mean that you stop using AdWords, 4 out of 5 users are still “googling” the day away.  However, making BingAds a part of your digital marketing plan truly has its benefits.AdWords Pay-Per-Click

Cost-per-click is on average 33.5% cheaper for BingAds in comparison to Google, and there is less competition to manage.  With BingAds, advertisers have more control over which Bing search partner engines they want to show their ads on.  Advertisers can also run reports on how these partner engines compare in directing traffic to the site.  Secondly, BingAds have sophisticated ad scheduling, location targeting, and network target at the Ad Group level. Lastly, BingAds let advertisers target demographics on the Search Network as well as the Display Network, helping define audiences that are most likely to convert. It’s hard to deny the benefits associated with BingAds.

Google has become such a way of life why wouldn’t we select it as our avenue of revenue at the end of the day?  Most people are searching on Google, and most people buy products based on what Google provides them.  However, Bing is making its comeback for pay-per-click advertisements.  Using both of these search engines together can lead to better insights on your target audience, different targeting options for demographics and products, and a larger part of the pie for advertisers.  If you’re not getting what you need with AdWords pay-per-click, consider expanding your reach with BingAds.

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