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Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

The world of marketing has been changing every few months for the past few years. Companies that traditionally do their own marketing are often finding it hard to keep up with the latest effective methods. However, a flexible but structured digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to truly get your company on track to achieve sales goals.


Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?

  1. You Don’t Know Your Strengths in the Digital Marketplace

A digital marketing strategy is one of the key elements to figuring out what channels actually reach your potential customers, as well as discovering which channels will be a waste of money for you. The digital marketplace has fundamental differences from traditional marketing, so this research is key to not spending money on every shiny new place to advertise.

  1. Your Value Proposition Online May Be Different 

What may make your product or service unique in traditional advertising and marketing may be completely different online. This strategic thinking will help you revise and tweak your value proposition to fit the marketplace you actually want to enter.

  1. You Boost Synergistic Thinking With Multichannel Marketing

When digital teams and traditional marketing teams work separately, they often try to solve a lot of the same problems. Multichannel strategy makes sure that you solve different problems with different marketing channels, synergistically blanketing the entire market rather than failing to achieve goals.

  1. You’ll Waste Less Money

The digital strategy process often reveals that certain ways of marketing are wasteful or simply not optimized, and you want to be as lean and effective as possible. The time it takes to truly digitally transform is well worth the reduction of waste.

  1. You’ll Pivot Faster When Opportunities Arise

A digital strategy assumes that big changes are still on the way in the future, and makes plans for how resources will be periodically shifted in response to analytics data. A digital strategy sets up a culture of agility, knowing that each new opportunity may come and go quickly and must be seized.

  1. A Great Strategy Includes Time for Review and Revising

When upper management expects results, they should also expect that each new digital marketing experiment will be exhaustively analyzed. This requires time to review and modify the strategy in response to the actual figures generated, and building a comprehensive strategy involves this review time.

  1. You Assume Online Customers Respond Like Customers for Traditional Marketing

Getting to know your customers and their behaviors online is an incredibly important part of your digital marketing strategy. You may be ignoring or alienating a whole section of the market if you assume they will respond in the same ways that people respond to traditional marketing.

  1. Your Competitors Have Digital Marketing Strategies

If you need no other reason, know that your competitors are maximizing their digital reach now, and every customer that they gain is one that you could have if you optimize your digital strategy. Make sure you are the first, not the last, to the digital market.

  1. Money Spent on Digital Strategy Comes Back as ROI

The initial investment for creating a robust strategy is sometimes substantial, but it should be; halfway investing in digital returns halfway results. By digitally transforming, your marketing team will pay back large dividends on your investment.

  1. Your Team is Energized by Focus and Goals

A marketing team thrives on being cutting-edge with their approaches. They also appreciate knowing that their hard work is pushing the company forward, creating more success for them as well. The focus and goals implicit in a digital marketing strategy will create fulfillment and foster innovation in your team.

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