Module Development

Social SEO has been involved in Drupal module development for more than 6 years. We have built everything from news aggregation and events modules to our very popular Drupal SEO Pack module — now used on thousands of Drupal websites to better optimize pages, title tags, and taxonomy (categories) for search engines.

Just a few of the Drupal modules we’ve build include:

  • Drupal SEO Pack module – Better “labeling” and optimization of title tags and more control over noindex, follow, noindex, nofollow <head> attributes, plus more SEO goodness added all the time. New! SEOmoz API & SEO tools build in!
  • Drupal Sharebar module – The Sharebar module for Drupal is a simple-to-use social media module that provides the ability to add a number of social media sharing services to your Drupal website. Give your users the ability to share your Drupal website content across social websites such as Twitter, Facebook (including the Fabebook Share and Like buttons), Reddit, StumbleUpon, and more. Easily configure all settings through the Sharebar settings page.
  • Predictive 404 module – Eliminate 404 errors on your Drupal website and automatically 301 redirect them to the closest matching page using this Drupal SEO module.
  • Drupal Websnapr module – This module allows for bubble previews for external websites when you hover a hyperlink within your Drupal website.
  • Drupal Voting Module – Custom voting module that could be assigned to any Drupal content type that would allow site administrators to create content that allows voting on “submissions” by users (as in books, movies, software, etc). The most popular and most voted would climb to the top of the list. Voting can be restricted by amount of time, i.e. 24 hours per IP address and more.
  • Quick Events – A simple quick events module for adding and managing a calendar page to your Drupal website.
  • FeDEx module – The FeDEx module is a plugin for shipcalc ecommerce tools module. It services FeDEx service payment calculating and is FeDEx API web service compatible.
  • USAEpay module – USAEpay module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. USA epay billing service ( and USAepay API web service compatible.
  • module – module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. It’s API web service compatible.
  • iDEAL module – iDEAL module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. iDEAL Denmark bank billing service and iDEAL Denmark bank API web service compatible.
  • QBMS module – QBMS module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. QBMS module is the payment processor for Quickbooks Merchant Services (
  • SAGE payments module – This module allow to use Sage Payment Solutions payment gateway ( for Ubercart.
  • Tax Exempt Sales module for Ubercart 9 – Ubercart Multiple Ship From/Bill From Location module‚Ä® 10. Multiple Credit Card Payment Gateway for Ubercart module.
  • Ubercart tax-exempt module – Module used for calculating tax exempt status and payment for products.

We’ve built many other Drupal modules that are custom for specific Drupal customer solutions. If you need a module build to do anything within your Drupal website we can help. Get in touch with us via our contact form to find out more about our Drupal module development.



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