Drupal SEO Pack Module

Fine tuning on-page SEO for your Drupal website just got easier! Introducing the Drupal SEO Pack Module that allows for more fine-grained control over simple and complex on-page SEO for your Drupal website. Parts of the Drupal SEO Pack module were inspired by the very popular WordPress “All in One SEO” plugin.

Drupal SEO Pack Module Overview

The Drupal SEO Pack Module gives users more control of SEO within their Drupal website. Easily define better search engine friendly title tags, META header tags, pagination page titles, and more SEO options often overlooked or that cause duplication across pages.

Our Drupal SEO Pack module was built for ease-of-use and integrates nicely with Drupal so users can make all SEO modifications within a few short minutes.

Drupal SEO Pack Downloaddrupal 7 – ver. 1.0 (GIT version) Visit our Drupal.org Drupal SEO Pack module page

  • Better Drupal SEO!

    Add more value and uniqueness to your pages with more optimized title tags, pagination titles, and useful META tags. Read more SEO benefits below.

  • SEOmoz API Built In!

    Track your top backlinks, anchor text, MozRank, the number of external, juice-passing links, and more with SEOmoz.com SEO tools – easily the best in the market!

  • Ongoing SEO Features

    We plan to add more features and functionality to the Drupal SEO Pack module each month. We won’t stop until this is the best SEO module on the planet. :)

  • Export or Import SEO Settings

    Don’t lose your SEO settings! Export and import all of your SEO Pack settings using our easy one click export/import XML option. Never lose your settings again!

Customer Testimonial

The Drupal SEO Pack module is simply the best Drupal SEO module for optimizing your title tags or omitting any less important pages with noindex, follow or similar indexation rules. I love the import/export XML feature to prevent loss of settings!
— Gregory Emanuel (Beta tester)

Downloading and Installing the SEO Pack Module

Powerful SEO Pack Options

Below you’ll find just a few snapshots from the many options within this Drupal SEO module. We’ll be adding more to this page, including more images of popular features within this module as well as adding more functionality enhancements to this module on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned for the goods!

Drupal SEO for Page Titles

Better SEO for Page Titles

Optimize Title Tags – Your title tags are perhaps the most important aspect “on” your website’s pages. It’s what Google shows as their own “title” within the search results. The Drupal SEO Pack module makes sure that your titles are optimized, allowing only the most important keywords or message to be used. You can use countless “tokens” to create the most optimal title tag for your Drupal pages. And all Drupal content types can be individually optimized! The tweaking that can be done to title tags is endless!

Page Title Tokens

Use Countless Tokens for Title Tag Creation

Tons of Token Options for Title Tags – Our SEO Pack module works great with the Pathauto module from Drupal. You can use countless token variations and have the most optimal title tags for better SEO. Make note of the tokens used in your Pathauto settings and simply reuse those in the SEO Pack module. The number of tokens and title tag patterns you can use are endless.

Robots META tags for Drupal

Robots META Directives for all Content Types

Robots META Directives Added – Control indexation through the use of the robots META tag placed in the header of your website. Includes “index, follow,” noindex, follow,” noindex, nofollow,” and more. Why is this important? Sometimes blocking a section from your website is necessary, especially if there is duplicate content or you just don’t want search spiders grabbing your “goods.”

SEOmoz Link Data through API

SEOmoz LinkScape Input & Sorting Options

Sort or Filter your Backlinks – Or use the API Tool to Review your Competitor’s Backlinks :) – Enter your URL (or your competitor’s URL), sort by many link-defining options, and filter for things like internal, external, nofollowed, or 301 links. The SEOmox LinkScape API will give you great insight into who links to what pages of your website and will give you an idea of how well linked-to your website is at any given time.

SEOmoz LinkScape API

Review/Download your Top Backlinks – See who’s linking to your website or review your website’s SEO metrics and anchor text used to link to your website. You can also:
1) Return the top anchor text for a page, subdomain, or domain. Search by phrases or by terms.
2) Pull as much or as little link information as needed. View all your links or only a subset, such as 301s or nofollowed.
3) Use the URL Metrics API to return useful information about the requested URL, including Page and Domain Authority, mozRank, mozTrust, etc!



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