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Video Production Services

Video Production Services

“If content is king, video is its crown,” María Victoria González Lage. Attracting and engaging your customers with video marketing is precisely the heartbeat of our video production services. Don’t just settle for mediocre TV commercials or “cookie cutter” video content for your website. Stand alone, stand above, elevate your brand.

Here at SocialSEO, we offer all-inclusive, full video production services. This includes pre-production, production, post-production, editing, directing, and everything in between. Our Colorado Springs Video Production Studio has endless opportunities when it comes to all things video. Not only do we create compelling visuals that illustrate powerful messaging, we also craft a language and tone for your customers. Our Creative Director and Film Maker, Clifton, has been producing effective videos for years, leading our videography team producing premiere video content for client success. Our studio mission is to infuse storytelling through the medium of digital media and digital marketing.

What All is Included in Our Video Production Services?

The creative services include an array of videography options. The full service creative options are customized to our client’s needs. The starting engagement and consultation includes deep discussions for expectations. We produce videography from one small, short video for a client’s website, to a full one-minute commercial produced and edited. There is no set package here at SocialSEO. Creative calls for outside of the box thinking, which should reflect on cost and deliverables. We do have anything from low-cost video production to high-end quality videos. It all depends on what you need!

Why Choose Our Video Marketing Services?

Our production team takes pride in taking care of our client’s needs. Every business has a story, and that story can be elegantly told through video. Aside from just an eye appealing piece, we like to infuse the story with clever messaging and meaning. The goal of a truly effective video is to spark some sort of emotion in the viewer. This key piece is the difference between a successful, converting media display and a failing one. We elaborate on the “why,” not just the “how” of your business.

The SocialSEO studio and crew are conveniently located in beautiful Colorado Springs, but don’t think we only serve our community here. Our clientele ranges from local Colorado businesses to large nationwide corporations. If the scope fits, we can create it. Our team may travel to any location for filming needs and optimal creative production. That’s the beauty of a videographer’s talents, we can work anywhere and everywhere!

With endless production capabilities, we offer many video production services. Our repertoire includes, but is not limited to:

  • Video Marketing Production Video Marketing Services
  • Drone Production
  • Business Commercial Production
  • Social Media Video Creation
  • Voice Over
  • Promotional Videos
  • Video Editing
  • Online HD Videos
  • Display Media
  • Short Film Production
  • Business Cinematography
  • YouTube Videos
  • Motion Graphics

The most shareable video content typically involves the attributes of storytelling and that is our specialty We are a visionary group, so let us assist your company with implementing strategies to elevate your brand to make deeper connections with your targeted audience. If you are looking for video production or video editing of any kind for your business, give us a call and set up a free consultation. Let’s converse, strategize, create and implement your company’s message.

“SocialSEO has an in-house creative studio that focuses on creating video content for branding and advertising. We are passionate about producing stories that build deeper connections with your audience while igniting a spark in your marketing.” – Greg Walthour, SocialSEO CEO

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