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Seth Wilson

Seth has 10+ years of experience in photography and over 5 years in video.  He has always been interested in creative things and figuring out how to make them as appealing to people as possible. He loves to tell stories in a way that shows the real humanity in individuals and the brands we love.

Through photography he learned how to use color, light, and space to show beauty in any scene. Through Video he learned storytelling, emotion through motion, and how everyone’s story is special. Seth has worked with brands like: Microsoft, Chevy, Cadillac, and The Broadmoor and shot for the Discovery Channel and TBN. Additionally, he has worked with nonprofits like Mercy Ships, The City Mission, Mission of Hope Haiti, BraveLove, and many more.

When Seth is not working, he is riding a bike in the mountains or playing bike polo.

Wilson, Seth Personal
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