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John Roberts

John is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Information Studies and is pursuing his Master’s degree in Interaction Design and Information Architecture. As an Army veteran with experience in fields ranging from IT support to marketing, John is passionate about providing the best possible experience for clients and their customers alike. SocialSEO has given him an opportunity to flourish in digital marketing and analytics, while providing the best working environment he’s ever been a part of. The first thing you may notice about John, is his height (standing 6’6”) and tattoos, but after a quick conversation it will be apparent that he is a giant geek (specifically for Star Wars). So whether you want to talk about powerlifting, streaming video games on Twitch, or the latest Star Wars comic, John is your guy. He is married to his wife of 7 years, Savannah, and has 2 dogs (German Shepherd and Lab/Pit mix) as well as a longhair cat.

Roberts, John Personal
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