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Ethan Vassar

Hailing from California’s Bay area, Ethan Vassar now calls Colorado Springs and SocialSEO home. More specifically, the desk directly across from Senior SEO Strategist Grant Effinger. There, Ethan fulfills all sorts of content requests for SocialSEO’s diverse client portfolio. From general website content and blogs to press releases, product descriptions and more he’s done it all. When he isn’t stringing words together into sentences, Ethan enjoys watching good movies, TV, and documentaries, researching and learn more about things that interest him, and sports. On Sundays during football season you will typically find him motionless on the coach watching NFL Redzone. If it wasn’t for stubbing his toe his junior year of high school, he’d be in the NFL right now. Failed NFL career aside, Ethan enjoys his role at SocialSEO but enjoys the people he works with even more.

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