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Andrew Ly

Andrew was born and raised in Colorado Springs and recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a bachelor’s degree in International Business. He has worked in many different industries from service, distribution, banking, beauty, and finance. For a vast majority of his educational career, marketing/digital marketing were never in consideration. However, all of that changed when his fellow peers and even professors noticed he had a “natural affinity” for it.

He feels that his greatest strengths are his burning desire to challenge himself, adapt to any situation, express his creativity, and use his skill set. When he is away from work, he is traveling, weight training, boxing, spending time with friends/family or finding new restaurants to try.  Other fun facts about Andrew are that once watched Jurassic Park too many times that he broke the VHS, was born during a hurricane, and is constantly attempted to speak 6 languages fluently.

Ly, Andrew Personal
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