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Alayna has nearly ten years of experience in the marketing industry. With a degree in Multimedia Graphic Design (and some certificates to boot), she garnered her first “big girl” job while still in college which led to over half a decade of invaluable experience at a local SMB agency. As a nonstop learner, she eagerly volunteered [as tribute, a la Katniss] to engage in any new opportunity that presented itself. She was able to hone her skills of client management and relations, content creation, and, well, all things marketing.

Alayna briefly decided to pursue a position in the industry of her personal passion–travel. For two years, she worked in a dual role as part Travel Agent, part Director of Marketing for an agency that is a part of the largest network in America.

Now, happy to be back in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, Alayna is thrilled to be part of the SocialSEO team. In her free time, Alayna enjoys all things travel; reading the latest YA fic bestseller; listening to oddly specific podcasts about England, personal finance, and history; competing with her boyfriend at Jeopardy; and eating.

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