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Aimee Cutcher

“II moved from Germany to Colorado to study business at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs where I earned my Bachelors of Science in Business with an emphasis in finance and a minor in marketing. While living in Germany, I held a position as a Budget Analyst Intern with the U.S. Government while completing high school. I began working in digital marketing in San Francisco during the Summer of 2014, interning with a tech company in the Bay Area during my Spring and Summer breaks throughout college.

In 2017, I was presented with the wonderful opportunity to work with SocialSEO and continue to expand within the digital marketing industry. I have always had a passion for statistics which has developed a strong foundation for data analysis and formulating data-driven SEO strategies. My specialties include analyzing user behavior, strategizing for conversion rate optimization, and developing and implementing technical SEO strategies. During my time with SocialSEO, I have completed a mentorship program under our Executive Leadership Team to further develop myself and the company. I enjoy working with an intelligent team that is up-to-date with the latest in the industry, and seeing the progress that our work provides our clients.”

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