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Influencer Marketing

Are you ready to start utilizing a famous influencer in your marketing strategy? Find out what it is and how it can leverage your companies services and products to the next level.

SocialSEO provides you, the client, with the connection to social media influencers that will help your brand be found and understood. By utilizing the popularity of social media

As your Influencer Marketing Agency, we will establish your brand’s products and services through endorsement from high following social media platforms users. This approach to digital marketing is one of the strongest ways to build an established trust and reputation with an audience

Success Story

Influencer MarketingNot long ago, Nike’s line of basketball shoes skyrocketed in popularity, and it was due to one of their smartest branding campaigns with the help of the most notorious basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. Nike’s use of an influencer such as Michael, gave them higher return on investment, brand awareness, and a person with a reputable career in the industry to endorse their products.

Strategic Approach

Having an Influencer Marketing Agency can be one of the most effective steps to enhancing your marketing strategies.

Consumers trust a given company’s products and services when a family member or a favorite celebrity recommends them. Whether they are influencers with a massive following or considered to be microinfluencers, we can help set your goals and the actions you want taken by said influencers.

Why Social SEO

  • We work with you on every step
  • Brand Safety is a top value to us. We work with you to approve content
  • Transparency
  • Data Driven Planning and results
  • We keep up on the latest trends to keep our campaigns competitive
  • We reach out to Influencers for you to reach the perfect audience
  • We track the campaigns success and show you ROI
  • Work with you to decide key performance indicators
  • We help identify influencers, negotiate

A your Influencer Marketing Agency we will build and monitor your online awareness, utilize influencers to promote your brand, and drive real engagement on all social media platforms that best fit your business – whether that be Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok or Pinterest.
If you are interested in working with an Influencer Marketing Agency give Social SEO a call or fill out our form for a free consultation.

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