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A Major Core Ranking Algorithm Change in Google… How Will This Affect Your Website?

A Major Core Ranking Algorithm Change in Google… How Will This Affect Your Website?

You may have noticed unexpected ranking changes with your website recently.  This is not just a coincidence; Google has confirmed a core ranking algorithm update.  Many SEOs and webmasters initially thought this was part of the Panda update that was supposed to roll out at the end of last year, but it only deals with core search.

Google Algorithm UpdateWhat does this update mean for your website?  We are still trying to uncover all the details about the sudden change, but many niche markets have been vocal about the effects the update is having on their rankings.  Could this update be specific to niche markets?  Google quickly shut down that assumption with a statement from spokesperson John Mueller, “Algo changes aren’t niche specific.”  Also adding that, “they try to make search work globally [and] Google’s search algos are the same worldwide and that they do not create specific algos for various countries or languages.”

We also learned that the Panda algorithm is now a permanent part of the core ranking algorithm.  Google confirmed this at the same time as the core ranking update, but this change has most likely been happening for months.  This leaves us with many unanswered questions.  Does this algorithm update in real time?  What does Panda being permanently incorporated into the core algorithm mean for ranking changes in the future?  Several webmasters have asked Google, but, as usual, they haven’t received any firm answers.  Only time will tell how these changes will impact your website rankings.

It is more important than ever for SEOs to stay on top of their rankings to avoid their websites plummeting to the bottom of the SERPS.  If you notice a change, we’d love to hear about it!  How much of an impact did your rankings experience?  What strategies are you using to fight back?

If you have additional questions on how this might affect your website, contact us for more information.