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5 Reasons Why Digital Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Why is digital marketing so important for businesses today? Well, the first step to understanding that is to understand what digital marketing is and what professional digital marketing can do for you. Digital marketing is a field that encompasses a wide array of marketing tools and employs numerous marketing strategies to grow your digital presence and build your brand awareness across multiple digital platforms. It includes all aspects of your digital presence from web design to social media engagement, SEO, mobile apps, email campaigns, paid advertisements and so much more. Professional digital marketing teams usually focus on three main points of contact to utilize different digital marketing tools. Here’s a breakdown of what digital marketing can include:

  • Content Creation: Blog articles, posts, web content, landing pages, ebooks, email campaigns, newsletters, white papers, PR and sales copy, social media campaigns, digital banners, and SEO.
  • Creative Development: Dynamic photos and images, visually interactive experiences using AR and VR, video and digital media, infographics, charts, logo and web design.
  • Statistical Research & Data Analysis: KPIs, analytics, ROI, conversion funnels, social media ads, mobile-friendly marketing, targeted goals and strategies, A/B testing, online marketing share analysis and projection.

Now that we have a better idea of what digital marketing is all about, let’s take a look at five reasons why digital should be part of your marketing plan:

  1. Reaching your Target Audience

The number one reason to use a digital marketing campaign is that it takes you to the places where your target audience lives and engages with the world at large, connecting you with your audiences faster and more effectively. Today, most people turn to the internet for nearly everything they do, from shopping for special items, to communicating with friends and family, locating information, interacting with new products and services, and everything in between. The best way to improve your marketing outcomes is to reach your target audience where they are engaging online. Digital marketing allows you to do that quickly and with more precision than traditional marketing strategies do, no matter what size your business may be. This is because nearly all digital marketing tools are available to every type of business, no matter how big or small.

  1. The Digital Marketing WorldGrowing Your Brand

There are three pillars to improving brand awareness: building trust, establishing a personal connection, and creating customized experiences. Most people only make personal recommendations with brands they know well and trust and who they can rely on to deliver personalized, custom experiences every time. Building a marketing campaign around the three pillars of engagement is a crucial part of promoting brand awareness. Using a digital marketing campaign is the most effective, long-lasting method to build trust and make the kind of personal connections that create compelling, customized experiences that will grow your brand.

  1. Real-Time Analytics

A key aspect unique to digital marketing is the ability to track, analyze, and adjust marketing efforts in real time. Digital marketing utilizes online channels across all relevant platforms and can monitor engagement with your audiences as it happens, gauging how long and how often viewers are connecting with your brand or products and services online, and analyzing what’s working and what needs improvement, all as it’s happening in real time. This allows you to make important, well-informed decisions quickly and adjust your marketing efforts when something isn’t working. This can save valuable time and money by focusing on what’s most effective and eliminating costly mistakes before they happen.

  1. Email Marketing

The truth is, email is still the preferred way of communicating with customers. 72% of people prefer email communication to an ad flashing across their digital screens. Email campaigns put your brand or product right where customers are most likely to see it – in their inbox. They also create a personal connection with customers, and automated trigger emails can target your email campaigns to auto-send at key times to reach customers with a personalized experience tailored specifically to their particular wants and needs.

  1. Social Media Presence

Social media recommendations and digital reviews are an important part of building trust and loyalty, and the kind of name recognition that turns customers into brand ambassadors who will promote your brand and business across social media platforms organically. Social media likes are actually a great way to grow more followers and get your brand or product in front of target audiences by accessing your customers’ friends and family and other followers online. Digital customer reviews carry nearly equal weight to personal recommendations, so it’s important to maximize both to improve social media engagement between your target audience and brand. An effective digital marketing campaign will improve your brand’s online presence, grow name recognition and build trust and loyalty in your brand and business.

Whatever your business goals may be, digital marketing can make the difference between a successful, competitive business that grows and one that struggles to break through. These features and many more can dramatically improve your brand awareness, increase profits, and expand your business. If you are looking for a professional digital marketing firm that you can trust, contact our friendly experts today!

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