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The Best Social Media Services

Twitter Analyzer

Twitter Analyzer is an analytics tool for twitter. Twitter Analyzer is one of the most Advanced Twitter Analytic tools that provides you valuable statistics about tweets, chats, users, popularity, reach, hashtags, mentions, groups, and more. Twitter Analyzer is very easy to use and it’s a very practical online tool for all twitter users who need deeper tracking and metrics of Twitter conversations.

Tweeter Analytics is also considered an enterprise-class web analytics solution that provides you loaded insights into your website traffic and marketing efficacy and it has user-friendly features that allows you to observe and evaluate your traffic records in an unique way.  The tool also allows you to see how many of your followers are online, which gives you maximum publicity as you can share a link or perhaps one of your posts that needs maximum coverage with online users at any given time.

Some features of Twitter Analyzer

  • See how many of your followers are online at any given time
  • Metrics on how many readers have been exposed to your messages
  • Metrics for tweeting habits
  • See people who retweet your messages
  • See your Twitter follower statistics
  • Watch your expected Twitter followers growth rate
  • See what other people are writing about you
  • See how popular you are (and your friends)
  • See who the close friends of your friends are
  • See your friend’s occupations or job positions
  • See how big your Twitter audience really is
  • See what are your followers doing right now

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Twitt(url)y assists in trailing what URLs communities are discussing on Twitter. Its objective is similar to Digg wherein natives vote on an entry which then gets positioned an upper level on the home page. Twitt(url)y operates more like PageRank where principally each individual who links to the same final url, is measured as a vote for that URL and with every vote, the URL gets to climb higher and higher up the list.

So what exactly does Twitt(url)y do? It follows the URLs on internet or in other words Twitterverse, and makes a speedy, real-time observation of what is in conversation. Every time somebody tweets a URL to his or her supporters on Twitter, Twitt(url)y make a note of it and relates it as a vote for that URL. So the more votes a URL gets in every 24 hours, it obtains a higher rank on Twitt(url)y’s Top100. Whenever people connect directly to the last URL, use TinyURL, Snipurl (snurl), or any new URL shortening service, the votes are always counted correctly before being put on view.

The Twitt(url)y Top100 merely illustrates the 100 most popular URLs over the previous 24 hours in order to keep the list fresh and maintain high quality.  Thos on Twitturly will more often than not see newsbreak before any other channel has it. It is definite that Twitter is a fast means through which news alerts get transmitted to a huge number of populace in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Twitturly’s routine collection of top narrative talked about and/or supported among microbloggers through the publication and re-publication of URLs makes it a convenient terminal for people who enjoy at all time a sight of particularly active topics.



Viralheat is an incredible social media measurement tool with which any content publisher can keep a track of their real-time consumer-generated content on the web. Viralheat syncs all of the social major networks and is an excellent way to understand community enagagement as well as carry out competitive analysis.

With Viralheat at your disposal you need not sit in front of you computer all day. You can observe and evaluate your social media campaigns with Viralheat’s remarkably exhaustive analytics over-riding raw citations and deliver good results. Some important features of Viralheat are its integration with Twitter and Google Buzz which assists you in keeping an eye on your tweets and helps you execute aggressive investigation, notice new leads, and make your marketing campaigns more successful.

With Viralheat, you will be able to:

  • Locate new fan pages that talk about your brand, topic, or product.
  • Find blogs and websites that are related to your campaign.
  • Use viral video, a product of Viralheat, to utilize 200 video sites all over the world for your campaigns.
  • Build exhaustive analytics to help you increases locating new participants and engagement.
  • Use Viralheat to find out the trend setters who shape the discussion for your brand or business.
  • Recognize sentiments of every citation.
  • Use Viralheat’s Human Intent Data to help you to connect to customers and boost brand understanding on social media networks.
  • Use built in tools to export your leads by Excel or through Salesforce.
  • Setup your profile and get going within minutes!

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Todaypulse also known as social media marketing inbox provides an effortless way to handle your social media marketing and build conversations with your customers. Social marketing is hard enough the way it is, and Todaypulse believes that your tools need not make it more complicated. They focus concentrate on easiness of use, and linking you with issues related to your business. With Todaypulse, you get everything that you need and nothing that you do not. Today pulse brings all your accounts under one hood and you can promptly publish, share, and engage with people who matter.

You will be able to make more friends and more followers with social media conversation as social media concerns in creating conversations. Todaypulse has appropriate features which help you in identifying the dialogue in which you should participate and so you will recognize where you should be talking. Todaypulse has been developed for small teams and businesses. It gives individuals and teams the social media dialogue they need so that there is no overlapping of communication.

Advantages and features of Todaypulse are

  • You can read all your messages in one versatile site with only one user name for all your social networking accounts and blogs. You can reply or comment to all of your social networks, approve WordPress comments, and publish blog posts without ever leaving the application.
  • It has been developed to work just like email, so there is nothing new to learn you always know what to do.
  • The absolute assimilation of more than just social networks and WordPress comment management that has been built in the Todaypulse inbox helping you to promptly acknowledge and answer the remarks on your or self-hosted blog in the same place that you manage your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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Social Radar

Social Radar is a social media monitoring and analytics tool that evaluates online emotions to determine development, foretell consumer requirements, carry out online market study, and initiate business tactics for the brands, products, and services. Actually, Infegy’s Social Radar is one of the quickest analytics platforms in the industry. Within a few seconds Social Radar users can acquire profound opinion analytics, recognize top sources, evaluate dialogue quantity as it speaks about products, competitors, recover geographical distribution by country and language, and get instantaneous data on how all that propaganda has altered and progressed over the past 5 years.

Feature of Social Radar are

  • Intuitive User Interface – Rapid Results.
  • Social Radar’s loaded graphical user interface creates the inquiry and investigating method instinctive, simple and quick. Users are able to look for several sort of material (blogs, forums, social networks, articles and more), choose geo locations, languages, rate of recurrence, session, etc. all through one page and obtain a snapshot of the results, and choose to dig by means of an assortment of preferences like sentiment analysis, keywords, country, and more. In addition, rich tailor made reports make extracting and using of the records instant.
  • Real-Time Data and a Web Services API.
  • Social Radar can be utilized by a full-featured API intended to improve accessible workflows and applications by adding up priceless recent and past social and web data. The platform employs real-time guide updating for constantly updated info. It is also intended to spectacularly lessen spam and replicated sources for significantly cleaner query results as compared to leading competitors.


CoTweet is an all-inclusive internet based social media meeting, administration, and reporting solution. It facilitates businesses; big and small, to connect, follow and evaluate discussion about their brand amidst the best-liked social group of people using Twitter and Facebook. The two editions of CoTweet viz, the CoTweet Enterprise Edition and CoTweet Standard Edition, were developed for businesses, assist marketers and consumer support professionals to manage their daily social media dialogues on a consolidated and user-friendly dashboard. To boost brand visibility is what CoTweet does.

The features that CoTweet provides:

  • Unified Inbox helps to view every discussion in one collective stream.
  • Workgroups Form helps the brand-focused groups to come together and pool resources over social accounts.
  • Roles and Permissions to have a control over group associate access & engagement levels.
  • Search Monitor helps searching Twitter & Facebook for brand mentions & keywords.
  • Email Notifications stay on top of all received messages.
  • Translation helps to interpret messages in your own local language.
  • Scheduling helps to setup the tweets and status updates in advance.
  • Assignments and Notes help dispense messages to team members for record.
  • Tagging helps categorize messages by theme for study.
  • Dynamic Reporting helps gain insights into all facets of your social media activity.
  • Rollup Views help merge information for a whole assessment of brand activity.
  • Export to Excel helps take your data with you for conference coverage and study.
  • Conversation History helps keep proceedings of every communication in the end.
  • Contact Notes help to capture & share in-house remarks on people.
  • Rich Profiles help to deal with associations, dialogue, observations and more.
  • MobileStay helps to bond with supporters covering all accounts 24/7.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts assist to operate swiftly and maximize competence.
  • Snippets help to generate and access one-click reactions to frequent query.

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Converseon is a social media agency which has built various tools which can be used to evaluate various social media metrics like brand buzz, mention and visibility. Conversion do not offer these tools on SAAS model as many other companies do but offer custom solution and more like end to end solutions to its clients.

Converseon helps connect the value of common from the “inside-out” throughout their proprietary technologies, methodologies, and deep accomplishment familiarity. converseon miner is a tool which can help big organizations to take care of all their social media needs like Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Service and even Research and Development.

Here are some features of Converseon Miner

  • Converseon Miner listens to comprehensive sources like blogs, message boards, video and other forms of social media, including 100% of tweets as one of the original licensees of the Twitter firehose.
  • Converseon Miner offers Real-time reliability i.e. it reads real-time feeds of Twitter and other social media finds the conversations you need to see within minutes of them being seen in public.
  • Converseon Miner gives much Relevant information. Unlike some solutions, Conversation Miner focuses on the subjects that affect clients business, rather than limiting them to following particular Twitter users or blogs. You don’t need to know who said it—you just need to know what subjects you care about. Conversation Miner does the rest
  • CM cleans the information to provide most relevant information to its clients
  • Tot the Point information, CM not only cleans the irrelevant information but provides it in a easy to read format
  • Conversation Miner also integrates human analysis to examine the conversations at a depth which are not offered by any similar service


Buzz Stream helps its clients to administer advertising campaign that generate web buzz, construct associations, and increases traffic to your website by serving you “be found” via inbound advertising channels. Buzz Stream eliminates the time consuming parts of link building so you can focus on the real traffic and potential customers.

Buzz Stream Features

  • Buzz stream helps to build credibility online by building relationships with web influencers online. Building such relationship takes time but with buzz stream, you can semi automate this.
  • With Buzz Stream, you can track all the touch points you and your team have with contacts, be they through email, Twitter, blogs, and more, without changing the way you do your job.
  • Research Online Influencers Painlessly – Automate mundane tasks like finding and saving profile and contact information. Get an instant snapshot of metrics to help you prioritize your activities. Build an instant dossier for each influencer, and gain an information edge.
  • Collaborate and Delegate – Team members and consultants can work together with BuzzStream, extending your outreach efforts to more influencers without losing the human touch.

We were tempted to add BussStream to the SEO tools section but felt the services provided were more focused to social media than SEO.


StatsMix is a web based service offered by StatsMix, Inc. With StatsMix, a customer can monitor support systems, analytics, social media, and many other services like blogs, mentions on web sites, and comments automatically. User can watch the current status of their company and can understand and analyze any matter of business by the chart facility of StatsMix. With the use of the StatsMix generated code that is supplied for different popular programming languages, user can chart metrics quickly. They can even create their own dashboard for custom business metrics. StatsMix is an extremely easy solution for getting a handle on all of your social media or other online content.

Any company can easily analyze their information and they can also share that information with other using StatsMix. To create a unique and useful view of your own StatsMix dashboard, customers can easily mix and match only the metrics they need. You can share the dashboard and other metrics using embedding, guest account, email, and private links. StatsMix is also useful for integrating with many other services like mail chimp, Google Analytics, twitter, YouTube, etc.

Features of StatsMix

With StatsMix you can monitor Google spreadsheet row numbers to find the different values in particular cells, i.e. all the columns in a row. These can also integrate nicely in Google Apps Scripting. User can also monitor their “Like” numbers on facebook. StatsMix has an API which can be accessed using REST. Using their API, it is easy to get a useful dashboard by pushing data from user databases. The dashboard includes cron job and shell scripts for easy configurations.

Meltwater Buzz

Meltwater Buzz is a SaaS solution so can be easily accessed from any Web-enabled device and making searching for keywords can be quickly set up and refined to ensure the most relevant results for each user’s specific needs. Develop even more granular reports for targeted marketing and communications programs Meltwater Buzz unlike any other tools, also offers one-on-one consultations with consultants to ensure that users e get the maximum benefit from their social media monitoring. This service is a simple yet effective social media monitoring tool that helps its user to track discussion on a comprehensive list of social media sites and includes:

  • Blog postings and comments from 200 million individual blogs
  • Twitter and other microblogging platforms
  • Social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning, Bebo and Orkut
  • Forums
  • Product reviews
  • Video and photo sites, such as YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo

What sets Meltwater Buzz apart from other online search solutions is its integrated analysis capabilities. With the Meltwater Buzz analytical tools, users can:

  • Identify social media influencers who have the greatest reach
  • Show daily volume of keyword mentions to measure impact of marketing and messaging
  • Pinpoint in which social media the hot topics are being discussed the most
  • Discover themes
  • Isolate demographics data

It definitely takes the social media monitoring to a higher level, providing comprehensive search capabilities from an easy-to-use, Web-based application that enables users to listen in on what is being said.